Any Indiana/Michigan/Illinois/Ohio bladers?

If it is in june I would probably be able to come depending on location and day.
Yes, I would be able to come during June to.
Im having a tournament called bey slay on the 23 of this month in schaumberg illinois. all of you are welcome to come since its near the top of illnois just by chicago. i got a attack stadium and i know 2 forsure are coming. look at the thread in the wbo general north america to find the thread Grin
After months I have finally found some places to have the tourny (not offical yet). I have been sick a lot lately and have not been able to look. I will call on Monday or Tuesday to see. The date might change because of owner or parent(s) but it will be in the summer. But i will need a close esetiment of of who can come by Monday. I will keep you updated on what's gona happen. If there are any questions please pm me.
My cousin & I live in the metro Detroit area.
seriously we need a tournament in michigan.
(Jan. 28, 2011  10:14 PM)stormbringer123 Wrote: I live in Pontiac Michigan. Id realy like it if there was a tournament near by

as would I
downriver michigan tournament would be sick plz i want to get on the seen

2012 downriver mi tourny
hey guys... im making a tounament and i want to know where i should hold it. does anyone have ideas? if you want to go, and you have a suggestion, can you pm me please? I live in livonia by the walmart and target that are right next to each other. I have a stadium and am desiding date. Also, what does "the format" of the tournament mean?
If you're considering hosting a tournament please be sure to read the Guidelines and the Rulebook before you make a proposal, and have the format, venue, and participants squared away beforehand. Formats are covered in the rulebooks, which you can find in the Organized Play sections.
Im still trying to find people in ohio to beyblade even if its a tournament or not *sigh*
well i live in Chicago and i'm pretty organized i have a place time location but i'm waiting on my BB10
I now live in Farmington Hills Michigan!!! I was M.I.A for awhile due to college and also moving from Rochester MN.

Myself, PANAsher, AMARvelous and CYRUckus can meet with anyone within maybe a 50mi radius to practice or just to spend a few hours having fun and talking about of course BEYBLADES!!!

I'm taking a break from college and my kids are home schooled so we can set up a saturday to come out and play Beyblade while my family and i can explore other places in Michigan!!!!

Just PM me and let me know.

sincerely yours DaWRETCHED-one, REMEMBER IT!!!

i live in sharpsville indiana but where would the tourney be at cause i might be able to help
I live in Hagerstown, IN and I really want to go to a tournament. All the others are too far away so when would this be?
I live in Bolingbrook, Illinois and I want to go to a tourney near Illinois.
I live in Bridgeview, Illinois and i want to go to a tourney in Illinois
Michigan Tournament in East Lansing this Saturday!
Fools Rush In Beyblade Tournament
Hope some of you can make the road trip!

Will be hosting an event in West Michigan in June! Site is yet to be determined somewhere between Grand Rapids and Holland most likely!
And here it comes, our next Michigan Tournament.
If any of you are up for a trip to Grand Rapids MI on Saturday of Memorial Weekend for some blading competition and help celebrate Bey Day 2012.
Here's our next Tournament:

I live in Southern/Central Indiana. I only have to drive about half an hour to get to Illinois.

I still have yet to go to a tourney and I do not think I would be the best host of one so if anybody, maybe over summer wants a tourney close to the Indiana, Iliinois border, that'd be great.
Legendbladers Michigan
If anyone wants to battle The Legend Bladerz before july 14 pm me!
Working on another tournament at Millennium Park in Grand Rapids Michigan either July 14 or 15 depending on what works best for everybody!

There is an official Tournament July 14th Battle of The Millennium: Summer Scorcher in the evening tournament starts at 5:00pm click the link on the bottom left of my signature to sign up!
For the Bladers who are looking for my tournaments. I plan to take some time off with hosting. My next event is in just over a week away on July 14th at Millennium Park just outside Grand Rapids MI. After that my next tournament will not be till around Halloween, either a weekend or two before or the weekend after. And yes I will expect my participants to have fun and dress their role.

For all my Team Members, Hopeful Prospects and Rival Teams this will be an epic event nearing that of Grand Beydays in Michigan. I will find an excellent venue because a park most likely wouldn't be the most comfortable environment in October in Michigan. We've been overloaded with Tournaments recently and I can't keep up with the costs of time and $ so I'm setting some time off to bring back the quality to our events! It will definitely be Grand once again!