Any Indiana/Michigan/Illinois/Ohio bladers?

Ok heres what were gona do... June 28th, gona see about a Toysareus or a park, przes undesided, ill look for a park/ toysareus in a courner or top of Indiana easy for everyone ill post it up in a litlle bit. lookn it up on google earth have a problem/concern just tell me about it.
Some advice:

Don't do a couple of states because some people will end up driving from 5 hours away. Please change this to one specific state. And as usual, put USA in the Thread Title as a Prefix
srry guys im changing it to an Indiana/Michigan tourny sorry to guys in Ohioand Illinios u can come if u want but i cant find a place thats close for all 4 states theyr just to big, to far to travel for some. But the plan is June 28th at a toysareus(gona talk to em') probly an entree fee. tell me if for shore you can come or posably cane come. ill ask today or tommarrow probably. Once again im soory but u can come if u want.
would toysrus let you even use bb-10 attack stadiums???
imgona contact em'
and mab fort wayne as a venue..
? i dont think i understand
youwere thinking about a place close like michigan indiana i was saying fort wayne indiana could be a place to be
Does toys r us sell attack stadiums?
willl oys rus let us use attack stadiums for a tourney
i would like to be in a tourny in columbus
I live like 40 mins from Indianpolis. I live in Martinsville, Indiana. I would come but it depends, where what time how much etc. Travel expenses are really tight. I got alot of people here that play. 5 regulars but we can get a a maximum of 10 maybe 12 people at our shop that's yet to happen but still, that are all in town for our little "tournys" we can't do prize support but it's still fun.
hey talk to gasher master hes the one tryin to set it up
well anybody find a place to have it???
Im lookn!!! Im down to 3 ill ask soon and post.
If there is anyone here in michigan, then i would gladly try looking for any places here that would support the tournament. Just give me some time.
ok cool
no hes lookin at june 28th
well im guessing there is no tounament trying to be made because this thread has been dead for almost a month lol
Illinois crystal lake I heard of Hoffman estates
LOOKN FER A PLACE TA SET IT UP! how bout a little trust?
hey its been two weeks and the forum dead lol