Any Indiana/Michigan/Illinois/Ohio bladers?

No clue what this is but if it's a tournament tell me the where and when and I'll try to bring my friends. Me, pcc, torchic, cumbusken, (has no username yet).
Actually im going to try to create my own tournament in detroit, michigan it might take about a month though,
(Feb. 03, 2011  8:15 PM)Gasher Master Wrote: srry guys im changing it to an Indiana/Michigan tourny sorry to guys in Ohioand Illinios u can come if u want but i cant find a place thats close for all 4 states theyr just to big, to far to travel for some. But the plan is June 28th at a toysareus(gona talk to em') probly an entree fee. tell me if for shore you can come or posably cane come. ill ask today or tommarrow probably. Once again im soory but u can come if u want.

yo right now im in indiana in 2 days i leave for basketball camp and i come back for a while after that whats the official date and stuff do i need to brng a attack stadium like ldragos
if so plz msg me back i havent been able to get ina match with peeps for ever im the only one but i originally live in ohio but im on vacation so if its next week i ca go
i may be able to come if its inbeetween june 13 and eather 20th or 25th
i have a ridel for you im coming for you see ya
I am trying to host a tournament. I need 8 confirmed people. It will be on September 29th. It will be in Oak Park, Niles, Illinois (not to be confused with Oak Park, the suburb). If any of you guys know you can come, pm me and kaihiwatari5673.