[ASIA] WBO Ranking - Top Bladers

Get Kei to update the BeyPoints Queue list then ... Or tell me exactly which day the fees were sent, and with which email address.
(Aug. 08, 2012  2:39 PM)Relic Wrote: I did send the results to Arupaeo a long time ago and I'm pretty sure Spy sent the fees too.

Yes, I received the results 3 weeks ago. Sorry about the delay, I will update the status now.

I don't know about the fees, Kei will have to confirm that.
Guys,I suspect that Spy hasn't sent the money because he hasn't been here for a long time.
I have to catch up to the Top 10 of India and now scared of the 2 Hyderabad tournaments that has to be Proccesed.But was a massive jump for me from 970 to now 10,43 BeyPoints.Smile
Kei said he had recieved the fees already but forgot to update the beypoint queue ...he said that he had updated the beypoint queue now
I am uranicflare(previously) my rank should be updated, i have 1022 beypoints
Sorry for the lack of updates guys. I've been away on holiday. I'll go through the tournaments soon enough and update the ones that were processed soon enough, hopefully within a week.
OP has been updated to reflect the following Bey Processings:

[28 May 12] [Hyderabad, India] BeyDays: Blaze in the Haze!
[28 May 12] [Hyderabad, India] BeyDays: Final Showdown
[14 Jul 12] [Jakarta, Indonesia] Bey Bash: The Next Level

wow,we're lacking behind signifiantly!
i can't wait for my results to be processed,and faces+credits to be distributed
how long will it take?
Please update my username, n0.oNe to Syco
Even change mine from SpikeBeuRaahul to Bash!.
Eh sorry for huge nacro. But will this thread will ever get updated?
well the op poster doesn't play beyblade anymore so unless you want to take it upon yourself then no