75,000 Members Celebration!!

As of today, the World Beyblade Organization has reached the milestones of 75,000 Members! That's way more than any other fan-run Beyblade community has ever had!! Congrats to us all for making this awesome community possible!

To celebrate, we're launching... an exclusive BeyLotto!

For the occasion, since what's making it exist is each of our 75,000 Members, we're opening the entry to... absolutely everyone! That's right, simply by posting here, you'll be entered for the BeyLotto; there's no other requirement!

As for the prizes, we decided to be crazy about this whole number, 75. However, 75 doesn't appear much in Beyblade to have an exciting pool of prizes, so we thought a little bit further...

We're basically at 75,000 Members from what would be an awesome, even bigger milestone of 100,000 Members, right? So what's 75,000/100,000? Mhm, 0,75; in other words, 3/4! The list of prizes is therefore built all around 3s and 4s! What's more, it's almost time for the fourth Brad Day...!

So, here's the list of prizes, but we're leaving you to guess where the 3s and 4s are integrated! Post your guesses right in this topic.

First of all, 34 winners are going to be able to choose one of these Face Boosters!

On top of that, 4 of these 34 winners will be in the top four for these prizes:

1st: Wide Square Type BeyStadium + Dark Knight Dragooon LW160BSF Limited Golden Dragon Model + Triple Battle Set + BBG-13 Synchrom Battle Set

2nd: Triple Battle Set + Berserker Begirados SR200BWD + Zero-G Stadium Attack Type + BBG-13 Synchrom Battle Set

3rd: Triple Battle Set + blue VariAres D:D + Jade Jupiter S130RB

4th: Phantom Orion B:D + Lightning L Drago 100HF Kyokuryuu Ver. + Beylauncher Cosmo Blue

The Triple Battle Sets are kindly donated by Hasbro!! Thanks for your generosity, again! The recolours are certainly quite nice, and the stadium's fun to play in.

So, have you already discovered all the 4s and 3s in those prizes?! Not in the mood for mathematical riddles? Bah, whatever it is, you've got a reason to post right here for sure! You have until October 31st 2012 to enter.

Good luck to everyone, and congratulations for reaching this milestone together! Without each Blader, this community wouldn't have been able to go as far as it has, conquering countries all around the world to impose this passion that unites us all!
*Clap Clap* Good job, WBO! I feel happy to be a member of such an amazing community. Who's ready to go for 100,000 members?
Wow. This is pretty impressive! Didn't know we had that many! I wonder how long it will take to get to 100,000, like Akio said.
Please sign me. First and fourth prizes are 4's, while second and third are 3's. I can't think of any thing for the face boosters. Good job everyone, and guests, ask your parents to get an account immediately, so we can get 100,000!!!
Glad we finally reached it. Does the WBO have more of a relationship with Hasbro now? Also Im in
Wow, great! What a milestone, 100,000 sure would be awesome.
(Oct. 12, 2012  2:39 AM)Akio314 Wrote: *Clap Clap* Good job, WBO! I feel happy to be a member of such an amazing community. Who's ready to go for 100,000 members?

Ha, that will be the day.
Enter me please.
Yay we reached 75,000!Eee
I remember when we had 60,000 lol. Its good to know that I've been a part of an ever growing community for a year now.

Sign me up!
Wow, this is... Awesome! I... Really don't know what else to say, then lets get to 100,000!!
Just think, this all started with a small website for outdated toys. With the release of MFB, the website grew like mad. It takes a cool toy for a website this big.
Wow, this is great ! Incredible milestone, congratulations.
This makes me all the happier that I brought up this site to my elective class yesterday, and brought my beys to school today! Several classmates gathered as I played in that frisbee.
\m/ Pinching_eyes_2\m/!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Great news ! 75,000 Members !! Grin
Thanks for the news Kai-V !

Enter me !
I'm in for it too. (as president snow) "may the odds be ever in your favor"
This is great! Today, 75,000 members, tomorrow, the world!
Edit: Almost goes without saying but please enter me Eee
Great news to hear! I feel glad to know that I've been part of this community long enough to take part in both the 50,000 and now 75,000 member marks. :) What better way to celebrate than a BeyLotto, haha!

Enter me, please. :D

75,000... wow! Be sure I am entered. Yay! My first BeyLoto!
oh my carp i am psyched!!!!!!! Wink
We should have a Twitter Hashtag for this since its such a monumental event.
Awesome guys! Maybe one day you'll have an event in my city I'll be able to make it to. Until then I'll browse around here. Thanks to the site admins for keeping everything together.
This is awesome I have been monitoring the WBO member growth and this is amazing!!! I am so glad the WBO has gotten this big hopefully I will eventually to be able to promote the WBO in my local community. I need to get soime of those cards sometime.
Red=Key to the Universe