75,000 Members Celebration!!

Just felt like listening to this song all of a sudden Tongue_out
Can't believe we've made it to 75,000 already, it's like it's just been a week since the WBO hit 50,000! What a better way to celebrate than entering my first BeyLotto! Those prizes sure are interesting, haha.
I still can't belive that over 70,000 members have joined in the few years I've been here.
Great im in
Wow, this is really cool. Great prizes too. Congratulations WBO!
75000 daaaaaaaamn it's been some time since I joined haha.

Enter me por favor.

I'm already spotting all of the 3s and 4s haha.
Nice works guys... Keep it up... You all will have supports from bladers around Indonesia.

Hopefully i can win something this time :p
75,000 that awesome its like its BEYBLADES 100 birthday aniversary so coooooooooool
The deadline has been added to the first post : October 25th 2012.
No WBO passport???? Chocked_2
Wooahh..then..this will be my second time for beylotto hahahah...need to try my luck...I'm in bebeh..

Congrats t the whole WBO for 75000 members.... Eee
I can't believe this day has come 75,000 members awesooome!!!!!Enter me please!
75,000, wow! I remember when I first became a member here XD I'm glad we all could reach that milestone. Let's aim for the stars next!
Awesome! I can't wait until we get 100,000 members.
Wow. I hope I'm still here when we hit 100,000. My buddies haven't even joined yet.
Wooow 75,000!!!!!

Enter me Please

Congratulations WBO!!!
It's definitely been a blast for the two years I've been here. Hope I can stay even longer to reach the 100,000 mark! Also it's nice seeing members who don't have passports being able to have a chance as well. Enter me please!
Hehe XP awesome! Next thing we know we will be at a million!
However... I actually thought it was far less than that... Lol I thought there were like 5 or 10 grand lol I was surprised when I found out the WBO had almost 1/10 of a million XP congrats! Smile
Congratulations on the milestone! I'll join the contest.
enter meh i want 1st second or 4th but not 3rd...
First block of text: 4 exclamation points, World Beyblade Organization (3 words), 75,000=3/4 of 100,000, fan-run (3-3). 3 words before first comma.

Second block of text (line technically, w/e): 3 periods for ellipses, three words after ellipses.

Picture: The WBO Bey- 3 3 3. In the background, there are 2 9's, 27 and 6. There are 4 multiples of 3.

Third block of text: 75000 again, ellipses again. 4 bolded words before the comma, 6 between comma and semicolon (multiple of 3), 4 after semicolon. There are also 3 commas in total.

Fourth block/lines: 3/4, 75,000/100,000, 0.75, fourth Brad Day, 3 exclamation points, 3 and 4 directly shown, 3 periods (ellipses) again. 4 commas in first part of block.

Fifth block/line: 3 and 4 directly stated.

Prize list: Obviously 4 grand winners (top four), 34 (3 and 4) winners, 8 face boosters (multiple of 4), face booster titles have 3 words. Four words before comma stating '4 of these 34 winners...'

1) Four prizes offered, 3'+'s.
Wide Square Type Beystadium: 4 walls
DKD: 3 word name for Chrome+Crystal and 'Limited Golden Dragon Model', 4 words. BSF is 3 letters and abbreviation is 3 letters, Dragooon.
Triple Battle Set: 3 words, triple, 3 cores, beystadium + 2 beys=3 beyblade products. Galaxy Pegasis W105R2F and Meteo L-Drago LW105LF count as 3 strings of letters and numbers.
BBG-13 Synchrom Battle Set: 3 word name, '3' in BBG-13, digital root of 13=4, 3 letters in BBG, Battle has 6 letters while Set has 3. Samurai Ifraid and Pirates Killerken are like GPeg and MLD, but Ifraid has 145 while Killerken has A230.

2) Four prizes offered, 3 '+'s.
Triple Battle Set: see above
Beserker Begirados SR200BWD: see reasoning for GPeg and MLD. Plus, Beserker and SR200BWD are 8 characters long while Begirados is 9. BBG-22 = digit sum of 4.
Zero-G Stadium Attack Type: BBG-04 product code-wise, which is '4' in BBG-04 and 3 letters for BBG. Attack=6 letters, Type=4 letters, 4 words in entire product name. 3 walls, 3 exits
BBG-13 Synchrom Battle Set: see above

3) Number of prize (third), 3 prizes offered.
Triple Battle Set: see above
Blue VariAres D:D: Vari+Ares+D:D = 3 characters. VariAres is 8 letters, 4 syllables. Blue is four letters, and when combined makes 3 words. 4D bottoms also have 3 characters in each name. 3 protrusions, 3 modes
Jade Jupiter S130RB: S130, S130RB=6 characters (multiple of 3), 3 words. Jade is 4 letters. RB can be split into Rubber Ball, which is 6 and 4 letters respectively.

4) Placement (fourth), 3 prizes offered.
Phantom Orion B:D: 3 strings of letters and numbers again, 4-D again with 3 characters. Orion's facebolt depicts the belt, which consists of 3 stars, and the Bearing Drive has 6 protrusions at the top (multiple of 3).
LLD 100HF Kyokuryuu Ver.: LLD is abbreviated with 3 letters (same with MLD), Ver. is abbreviated as 3 letters. 4 characters, and Kyokuryuu has 9 letters, which is 3x3, and 3 u's. 100 has 3 characters. LLD has 3 plastic dragon heads, and 3 protrusions that are shown/covered for each mode. Each hand has 3 claws and each multi-hit scales protrusion has 3 scales.
Beylauncher Cosmo Blue: 3 words, Blue is mentioned again with 4 letters.

Sixth block: 3 italicized words, Triple Battle Set is earlier reasoning. There are 3 sentences, each starts with a capital T making four capital T's in total when including the one from Triple Battle Set (otherwise 3). 3 exclamation points.

Seventh block: 4 '?'s and '!'s combined. 8 bolded words, making a multiple of 2 again.

Final block: 3 commas.

So how's that? :P Hope that's enough math. These kind of questions are right up my alley.
75k members already? Grats to the WBO.

I'm in
Wow, that is definitely more than we asked for, Ga'Hooleone. However, somehow, you still missed some!

I'm tired right now, haha. I shouldn't be missing any normally. Are you looking for letters, punctuation, characters, product codes, Beyblades, or...?
You're missing approximately 340 more clues, so no sleep for you until you catch 'em all!

Anyway, congratulations WBO!!!/!!!!