Recipients of MF2 Bit

"Toronto"? You mean "Kei"?
Bellissimo! We never want to imagine Italy without you now.
Your sacrifices brought yourself and your peers to the top of the Beyblade world!
The world is upside down, but there's one constant in Australia: Omega.
Stumbling upon you really was one of the best things for the Indonesian community!
You bring the best kind of order for an ever-green area! Thank you!
Taking North Carolina to infinity, and beyond!
You helped make Indonesia a WBO hotspot in Asia for years in our minds!
Michigan flows with the sound of "Coach! Coach! Coach!"
When it's hot in India, count on a wave of freshness: Justaway!
You'd never stop at the minimum: you brought your whole game for the Indian community!
Senses alert, an explosion of multiple events in Virginia has come!
A true captain never has enough with just five events!
One of the biggest capital cities of the world keeps its title thanks to you!
Maryland knows it's got two stars in its sky of destiny, thank you!
He may be 4'11, but height can't stop him from being an amazing host!
Maryland's Bladers looked to the stars and made a wish. A wish for a host who could dedicate themselves to the community. Their wish was granted.
The saviour deserves his iron armour!
Every molecule of the Mumbai community has an atome of the resilient Ap atome.