what's your favourite Pokémon

(May. 27, 2019  1:51 PM)Limetka Wrote: Turtwig / Torterra def

the one and only grass pokemon i like,i dont even like sceptile

(May. 27, 2019  9:47 AM)LegendSonu Wrote: Ash Greninja! Mega Charizard X and Pikachu for sure

U are a fan of pokemon XYZ anime for sure..
Blaziken! Decidueye is second place, and I also really like Raichu, its my fav from gen 1.
My favorites were always steel types (Steelix, Metagross, Dialga) but ground types come a close second. (Rhyperior, Torterra, Flygon) My first Pokemon was Turtwig.
Diglett, Pikachu, Mega Charizard X, and Rayquaza