what's your favourite Pokémon

(May. 27, 2019  1:51 PM)Limetka Wrote: Turtwig / Torterra def

the one and only grass pokemon i like,i dont even like sceptile

(May. 27, 2019  9:47 AM)LegendSonu Wrote: Ash Greninja! Mega Charizard X and Pikachu for sure

U are a fan of pokemon XYZ anime for sure..
Blaziken! Decidueye is second place, and I also really like Raichu, its my fav from gen 1.
My favorites were always steel types (Steelix, Metagross, Dialga) but ground types come a close second. (Rhyperior, Torterra, Flygon) My first Pokemon was Turtwig.
Diglett, Pikachu, Mega Charizard X, and Rayquaza
Regigigas all the way
My favorite Pokémon are Torchic, Blastoise, Arcticuno, and Zoroark. But my most favorite one is Haxorus
I have a lot, so here's my dream team.
Starter: Blaziken
Eevelution: Jolteon
Legendary/Mythical: Marshadow or Zapdos
Random Poke: Weavile (my favorite) or Zoroark
Mega evolution: Salamence
Psuedo legendary: Hydreigon or Goodra
And my most favorite...