fixing phoenix

how do i fix the armor lock on phoenix. i took it apart and two pieces fell out and when i tried to fix it the armor wouldnt stay on
You don't. You broke it. You will have to get a new Phoenix layer.
my dad said he might get me dark phoenix
Well, there are two burst Phoenix layers right now: Revive Phoenix, and Dead Phoenix.

Perhaps your dead meant Dead Phoenix.
no dark revive phoenix
(Aug. 24, 2019  4:08 AM)pika2442 Wrote: no dark revive phoenix

That's Rare To Get, Must Be Spendin Some Money Right There
i think i will get dead phoenix
(Aug. 24, 2019  5:37 AM)pika2442 Wrote: i think i will get dead phoenix

which phoenix layer, if it's dead phoenix that's normal revive phoenix, on the other hand, has a broken has a defected armor or base so if your buying dead phoenix don't throw away your other phoneix
the phoenix layer is broken not the armor. and i wont throw it away
The layer isn't broken. I've fixed a Phoenix layer before

I would send pics but I can't RN. Look up tutorials on youtube
thank you suoh
well i still love it
(Oct. 23, 2019  12:00 AM)pika2442 Wrote: I'VE FIXED PHEONIX! YES!!

How did you do it?
And so the Phoenix arose from ashes again. Kinda funny thread Smile And kinda revealing... not.