favorite cho-z battle

Aiga vs Phi
“favorite cho-z battle” ... My fav is Valt vs Hartz
Anyone with Hearts in it c:
(May. 20, 2019  7:39 PM)BounduAtakku Wrote: Anyone with Hearts in it c:

Aiga vs Phi episode 50. After that battle my heart was pounding so hard lol
Cho-z had many good fights, Kyle vs Free, Valt vs Hearts and Free vs Phi come to mind. Aiga vs Suoh (longinus cup finals) probably had the best burst finish tho.
Hyde is the greatest beyblade character ever! So any battle with him is the best! But other than that the best battle would be either Lui VS Valt caus in that battle I have to say u rlly get to see Lui go at full strength. Lui VS Aiger was pretty heavy metal (I mean Aiger tied a match with Lui himself!). -Avery
A lot of the battles with the Balance types, not just Aiga being involved tend to be really awesome, crazy, fun, and evenly matched or plot stunning.
Cant choose I love beyblade so much
Valt vs Aiga was lame.

Phi vs Aiga (all 4 have been really good.)