Zero G DEVELOPMENTAL Top Tier Outline (updated 6-11!)

Poll: Are we ready for a Zer G Tier List?

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OK, here are results regarding BWD for stamina. Mirror tests against WD.

Standard Procedure
Zero-G Stadium Attack Type (BBG-03/4)
Launcher Grip
Beylauncher L/R
Grip Rubber
Launcher Rubber

Flame Lynx AD145BWD vs. Flame Lynx AD145WD
Alternating launch, starting with BWD.

BWD: 10 OS
WD: 10 OS
BWD Win Rate: 50%
Ties: 0
Hm, since BWD is taller than WD WD was able to get under BWD's AD145 and grind it down.
Anyways, I did not know what you wanted me to test against ShinobuXD, so I figured a mirror match suffice.

Next battle:

MF-H Duo Cancer F230 CF vs. Phantom Sagittario II BGrin (4-5 min mold)
Phantom launcher first.

Phantom: 10 wins, all OS
Duo: 10 wins, 3 OS, 7 Sway KOs
Duo Win Rate: 50%
Ties: 1
I think that midway thru this round of testing I figured out how to sway someone out with consistency, haha.
Has anyone thought of changing the Duo on Duo ____ F230 CF to Genbull^2? I saw the Winning Combinations thread and it did good. I think it could possibly do better because it is a synchrome and has more weight than Duo.
(May. 05, 2013  6:41 PM)*Ginga* Wrote: Wall of text
Yes! Thank you! I think those tests, tournament results, and Dragooon tests from other threads are enough to get Duo SA165 BWD and Duo F230 CF on the tier lists!

Anyways, I realized my Death's aren't equal, so I will have to retest EWD, as well as WD and D, with Earth.
But using Duo F230 CF is only good for Takara B;D......If the B;D is Hasbro it wont work at all.
Are there any tests to prove that though?
Ginga you should've known that Hasbro B;D is the best B;D out there now and would beat Duo F230 CF against Dragoon.
Again, all I have seen is one tournament battle. Tests will make me believe.
I agree with *Ginga*.

Proving that will take a ton of tests from at least 5 members, since BGrin is so variable, too.
But like I said earlier post Duo F230 CF it too much of a risk unless it Genbull 2x then I'll consider it.

Still, B;D is what matters for Duo F230 CF.....a B;D with a bad mold (eg. Tilted shaft grinds and losses stamina) will lose automatically. A good B;D (eg. Shaft barely grinds B;D free spin freely) would win automatically.
Getting two Genbulls is hard to do for most people.

Good Bladers would realize they would have to Sway B:D out, which is certainly possible ...
Then getting F230 would be hard for most people too.

It would have to be the same spin direction to sway except Left sway vs Right B;D
Thief Saramanda F230 SF... only gotta buy one, unlike Genbulls
still it worth it! haha

I want to buy one more Genbull, but I'm really out of money!

someday will be released by sonokong or hasbro and it will be much easier tu find, don't worry so much about rarity
My point about the Genbulls is that Duo is a completely viable option ...

Anyways, like I have been saying tests will make me believe.
But if using F230 alot will wear down it free spinning gimmick alot (Still will free spin but not alot.) and using CF and a heavily/medium used F230 would sway it self out....Correct me if there actually molds of F230.

Apparently there's no point to test Hasbro B;D since it just gonna lose burtally.
I have two F230 and I think two things:

1-They wear down (I used Orojya Goreim F230BWD and I'm Trying to make MSF Saramanda Saramanda F230CF for a more "Balance" set up, so I experience it and it sucks...)
2-They have molds, I can't prove it because I only own 2, but from the start my F230 of Thief Saramanda spinned less freely, but the F230 of my Bandid Genbull REALLY recalls the term "Free" of F230
Yes! Thank you koort! That's what im trying to prove here. F230CF doesn't deserve to be in the top tier list. If it was permanently "Free" then it can be in thw top tier list.
If you put it that way, than B:D shouldn't be on the top tier list.
B;D/phantom stock was commonly used in this meta game so that's why ot was so good even dragoon with B;D resist sway too. Until we found a complete counter to B;D

But still B;D will remain top tier since it can have sway resist too.

End of discussion

F230 CF is off of the top tier list and don't even bother to make more test face the fact and keep that business away from here.
My point was that B:D has molds, and can wear down ...

Anyways, tests always matter, and like I have repeated many times, tests will make me believe.

... F230 CF is remaining on the developmental top tier list until appropriate tests prove otherwise.
*Ginga* use your brain right now. Does people plan to buy Takara Phantom now? No, they plan to buy Hasbro Phantom because it 6-8 min mold out of box being "Free" then Takara shaft grinding and becoming 3-4 min it self.

Yet F230 will always remain terrible because it wears fast and will sway.
I am using my brain, gosh darn it. My brain is telling me that tests will make me come to a conclsuion, not one page of pointless arguing ...
Stars, his is right about it has to be tested first
*ginga*, it needs the tests to be a top tier, not to stay

So... I think you have to erase it has top tier but also have to see testing who was right to change or not the top tier again
Hey Stars, by the way, I have a 6.5 min Sonokong BGrin, so not all the Asian ones are bad.
Well SonoKong are similar to Hasbro except the colour difference haha, I did used to have a SK B;D but traded with Dark Mousy then he Broke it hahaha.