Your Favourite Clear Wheels With Facebolts

i like all,, but for a specific it is horogium and Uranus, horogium face bolts
Geez, it's tough to say. I'm a big fan of Pisces & Ketos, though overall, Ketos is probably my favorite, whales being one of my favorite animals. The Green recolor is very nice, and gives a few more options in terms of matching other parts. The Ketos facebolt is also rather menacing, which is pretty cool because aside from Sperm Whales, I think the creatures have a rather passive public perception.

I love Aries!
My favorite face is the printed fox, so divine!
Clear Wheels:
Quetzalcoatl because it looks awesome with Death which it came with
Unicorno II because Dark Cyan has always been one of my favourite colours along with other shades of Aqua/Cyan/Turquois/Blue-Green
Nemesis because well I'm just keen on the design

I have more but I don't want to list them
Mine is Unicorno clear wheel from blitz unicorno and face bolt is blitz uniconro face.
Mine is Ultimate Kreis Face Bolt with galaxy Pegasis clear wheel..
Even though I'm a Virgo, I'm not a fan of Virgo, but I do like Leone II though. My favorite Clear Wheel would be either Aquario or Pegasus II. Facebolt, err, Unicorno's Facebolt, I guess.
I really like the Cancer/Gasher clear wheel. It's very versatile, having good weight distribution, and All of the ones I own tend to lessen or even negate rattling on my 4d wheels! Also, I like how it looks.

A close follow up would be the dark grey recolor of Leone 2 from the Pegasis vs Leone Rev up set. I really like dark clear grey and/or black parts on a bey, and the bey the clear wheel comes with is comprised of them! Speaking of Leone 2, I really like the vibrant emerald green Leone 2 they recently released with Metal Fury.

I can't really think of a facebolt that would be my favorite, there are too many designs I like a lot.

I used to have a favorite when I first found out about MFB, and that was Hasbro's Cancer redesign. I didn't notice what it was supposed to be when I first saw it, but I really liked the smoke cloud things behind the claws and eye, and how the eye and claws were outlined in yellow to make them pop out.
I really like the Pisces clear wheel. It has great centered weight distribution. I like using Pisces in the combo MF-M Scythe Pisces T125 RS/RB .
Leone. All the way. For everything XD another fave is Cetus, Face Bolt is LEGIT.
I take a nail file and file off horogiums facebolt off and leave it blank. For clear wheels, Legend bull and aquario. I hate CLEAR wheels. I prefer opaque.
I like the Hades Face and for my favourite energy ring(s), they are Bull,Cancer,Cygnus,and Hades
i love how my quetzalcoatl (the one you get by chance if you buy 1st gen MFB booster -got it with my libra! =D-) face goes with my cygnus clear wheel on my new stamina combo death cygnus W145 WD. all the parts besides the wheel are blue too! =D

EDIT: here's a pic!
The Grand Ketos CW(white) and face...
(Jul. 27, 2012  7:10 PM)Cosmic Wrote: Mine is Unicorno clear wheel from blitz unicorno and face bolt is blitz uniconro face.

Agree, Blitz rules! And the clear wheel increase Blitz's attack power.
I like Orso, Eagle, and Leone.
My favourite CW is diabolik nemesis
diablo nemesis xD
i like kerbecs the yellow version because it looks cool and the face is a nice colour
I like kerbecs yellow colour since yellow is one my favorite colours, and since it is useful in defense I like it, I like the nemesis face and clear wheel, the designs are absolutely nice and same goes for sagittario II, I forgot to mention I like kerbecs face and metal faces, if it counts.
me its the orion energy ring with the facebolt gravity because i find this pretty
TT Dark Cancer CW plus Hasbro Befall (agh, I hate that name) face on Phantom.
For some reason, I love the clear white Beelzeb from RBV9. Such an overlooked clear wheel.
I like the orange Virgo face and red Virgo clear wheel. It looks like the color of the flame.
I'd love a clear Aquila face and Dark Purple Aquila clear wheel.