Your Favourite Clear Wheels With Facebolts

My favorite facebolt has to be Sagittario with that badass angry look.
Hm I would say my favorite CW is either Eagle, because it has that royal purple kind of glow, or Cancer because of how awesome it looks aesthetically. But my favorite Facebolt is L Drago's, no contest.
The clear wheel i chose was wolf because i don't have any good clear wheels like bull or aquario
i chose it because it was preeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeety! seriously!
but when i read the thread name it said with facebolts so......
i hate flame libra because it's practically useless (can get flame somewhere else and track effect is negligible)
and you might as well get flame sagitarrio with it's good track
but libra is my FAVORITE face bolt and pre hws is my FAVORITE bey(yes cause it's strong and there are no tournaments here so it doesn't matter)
the reason i like libra is because of the scale
i always thought the scale was fair in judgement (people were judged 1 rock for crime and 1 rock for good deed ex. steal bread every day for a year but helped 1 person in 1 year weight 365 to 1 he will be hanged) and the scale scares me when i see it
also for unknown reasons i've always wanted a libra scale just cause it was cool
i like the phonix clear wheel but only if it is on burn because it dosent look cool with any other clear wheels
I like the Galaxy Pegasis Face because it loooks awesome with the sticker on without it's a meh
and I like the Clear Wheel. Season 1 would be Virgo because it looks pretty.
(Jan. 05, 2011  5:13 AM)blah Wrote:
(Jan. 05, 2011  1:07 AM)The Fire Wyrm Wrote: LDRAGO ALL THE WAY

I like it because its my species xd

So you're not a human then ? o___O

but really look at my name.
wow.. this thread is going well.. also we already have many votes but i think we can get even much more.. thanks guys
My favourite CW was RBV4's Aquila from Storm Aquila 145HF.
(Jan. 06, 2011  1:19 AM)s-pegasus Wrote: I like the Galaxy Pegasis Face because it loooks awesome with the sticker on without it's a meh
and I like the Clear Wheel. Season 1 would be Virgo because it looks pretty.

i screwed my sticker..
Bull is awesome!
Phoenix for sure!
The Red Horn Uppercut Hasbro two-pack Bull recolor is AMAZING. =D But, Pisces still looks cooler, the Shark fins and gills worked into the wheel really make it beast. However, I like the Aquila recolor in the Counter Smash(?) Two pack.
well i have to say i love the burn pisces recolour clear wheel, but the burn serpent recolour is my fave, you can tell i love serpent from my avatar...
wow this thread is ging better that i though... people are actually voting..
wheres virgo? Grin
(Jan. 08, 2011  6:33 PM)Soysaucexp Wrote: wheres virgo? Grin

oh sorry i forgot that... my bad... i forgot Escolpio on the ones right there if you want..
Definately the RBV4 Cancer recolour.
Pisces came in a close second. Couldn't resist Blue Cancer's awesomeness =P
i discovered the pegasis recoulor! it´s awsome!
I'm bringing this thread back up since it was recently mentioned.

As I said in the other thread, my favorite CWs are probably Perseus(Defense, Starter ver.), L-Drago II Absorb(Ultimate Reshuffle Ver), and the purple Quetzalcoatl CW awarded as a G3(I think?) prize.

As for Facebolt, the stickered Horuseus, normal Anubis, and Beafowl are probably my favorites, although I also really like Perseus here, too...
Same opinion still stands, the clear wheel of meteo (both colors). So milky Joyful_2

And the best facebolt is the Aquario one, AARO or not XD
My favorite CW as I recently mentioned is Capricorn, especially the Screw Capricorn version.

My favorite Face is the printed Susano face, by far.
Leone 1 was awesome because it had a flexible aesthetic which made completely original facebolts stand out.
Cancer is amazing, even painted a dark sexy umber like Escolpio's.
Crown reminds me of Death Driger almost.
Libra, because, well, I'm a Libra. Especially the amber-brown color from the Reshuffle.
Horogium, the shade of blue reflects the color of Nostalgia I symbolize it with. The past is powder blue, the future is milky white.