Who is your Fav beyblader?

Burst: Shu/RedEye
MFB: Ryuga and Kenta

P.S - Norman looks like he hasn't slept in a week ;P
(Dec. 13, 2017  6:23 AM)BlackMirror Wrote:
(Dec. 13, 2017  6:11 AM)BurstMaster Wrote: I love Benkei. BBB BULLLLLLLLLLLLL.

Ah, I still remember the times when I was 6 years old. I used to sit in front of the TV, watching beyblade metal fusion. My mom still remembers my brother chasing off crows at my church by saying "BBB BULLLLLLLL!!!"

Hahaha xD when I read your story i just had to laugh, because I love this meme. Grin

Refering to beyblade burst my top 3 fave characters are:
1. Lui, because he inspired me to train with my Lost Longinus every Day
2. Wakia, because he always makes me laugh xD
3. Valt's mom because she is funny too, but especially she is cute and wonderful
Burst: Jin
Metal: king
(Dec. 13, 2017  9:20 AM)Eleanor Wrote: I really like  Serious characters like Ryuga , free and kai...But I also like Tyson coz he is like a living dustbin walking on two legs...

Lui is a similar one. Those bladers are Kind of silent and calm, they dont have much to Do with Teamwork or team Training. Well, free gives some good advices in the anime sometimes but the point is: 
I am persuaded that every beyblade anime has its own "lonely wulf", someone Who wants to battle his way to the top without needing help. Reminds me of myself a bit xD
Burst: Free
MFB: Ryuga
Plastic Gen: Kai
(Dec. 12, 2017  5:05 PM)roypriyanshu Wrote: Who is your Fav beyblader? 
me : Kai

Free or kuza
Free Shu Gabe Lui Kuza Boa Ken Ukyio (Idk how to spell it) Clio Jin
Shu's my favorite out of them
Ryuga and sakyo


Oh and free
Burst: Xhaka, that spirit he shows is what I like about him the most. ♥
MFB: Da Xiang
BSB: Mao & Rei
Bakuten Shoot: Kai
Metal Fight: Ryuga
Burst: Shu
Metal fusion is sora, masters is the guy who owns zurafa and fury is the dude with Orion
Burst: dual layer is Gabe, God is Clio
(Feb. 26, 2018  10:29 AM)Rohan dela hoya Wrote: Free delahoya

De La Hoya are 3 different words
(Feb. 10, 2018  1:24 PM)Maximum beys Wrote: Free or kuza

Update: Sisco
Metal king
Burst shu
(Feb. 27, 2018  4:10 PM)Adarsh Abhinav Wrote: Plastic-taala)daala,(confused)
Metal king
Burst shu

It's Tala.
Original series: Ray Kon
Metal Saga: King
Zero G: Tokanasuke
Burst: Lui
Burst God: Shu
hancho. for sure.