Who is your Fav beyblader?

Burst : Shu,Free and Lui
Zero G : Zyro/Zero and Shinobo
MFB: Kenta and Ruyga
Original : Tyson,Max,Kai,Ray
it's either rantro or shu.
Well, for me, I never watched any series fully beside the metal saga. Only seeing a few episodes of Burst (along with keeping up with the episode synopsis'). So, I'll just list my Metal Fight Beyblade and Zero-G character preferences. Now, starting with MFB, I have five favorite characters. Some bigger characters, some small. Those five include: Nile, Ryuga, Tsubasa, Dynamis, and, Pluto. So, for starters, I like Nile because of his smart yet cocky attitude. He knows what he is doing, but can overestimate himself when it comes to battling. He always likes to get a clear view of his enemy, yet still sometimes leaves openings for things further hidden. And, I always liked how the team of him, Kyoya, Demure, and, The Masked Bull (A.K.A. Benkei). Now, with Ryuga it's a bit more complicated. When rewatching the first season, I rarely saw any likable things about Ryuga when it came to personality or development. But, watching him grow after his big loss to Gingka in the next season was great. And, even better later on in Fury. His prideful, cocky, and arrogant personality was always something a little annoying in the first season, but watching as those aspects calmed and he slowly became more of himself, was a great transition. And, the biggest proof of how far he had come was his relationship was Kenta. Before, I bet no one could've seen Ryuga building a genuine attachment to someone, and feeling enough for them to change the way he thought about things. But, with how he had developed as a character and as a person, it was possible, and it happened. The whole thing was just brilliant. Onto Tsubasa. So, Tsubasa was a character possessing the traits I generally liked in a picked favorite. That air of mystery to him, skilled at his trade like no other, majestic animal as a chosen friend. All things I had generally liked about characters like him in anime. But, then there was his corruption, which was a new side of Tsubasa which was now added to his character. Watching him struggle, develop relationships, and, eventually overcome this corruption was development that added to him and others (including Ryuga). Tsubasa was generally a held back character, so seeing him have to lean on people for help was new and refreshing. Dynamis was a different case than the rest because he wasn't in the series too much. Though, for me, that wasn't a problem. Smaller characters seemed to always occupy my attention in anime. As of recently, characters that tend to be heavily fleshed out instead of allowing some to be left to the imagination have become boring to me. So, seeing this man alone in a temple with a legendary bey and his faith in the stars is heavily interesting, and leaves much thought to be left. And, his character does not fail to stand with the information known about him. He feels above those who have not proven themselves to be good or faithful to their legacies as legendary bladers, meaning he can seem to be cocky, but is only confident in his skills, and will willingly accept defeat from someone who has proven themselves worthy of his respect. But, one of my favorite parts of his character is his natural leadership skills and when he displayed them with the solar system bladers (especially Aguma). Now, last but not least, Pluto. So, Pluto is a character that appears fairly late in Fury and though doesn't appear or do much, seemingly, he was behind both of the major villains in the past two seasons. Making him the biggest villain of them all. Which, is reason enough for me to find him interesting. Having such ties as a character already creates many awaiting questions to be asked. And, even though many remain unanswered, his motives have been revealed. And, along with that the interesting relation between Dynamis and Pluto. But, Pluto's brains are one of the biggest reasons I like him. He is smart enough to pull all of this off behind the scenes, and wasn't caught until he was ready.
My Favourite blader is Kai Hiwatari

(Mar. 10, 2018  10:22 PM)Ayra Wrote: My Favourite blader is Kai Hiwatari
MFB: Benkei, Nile and Gasur
Burst: Yugo, Jin and Gabe
Duo Cygnus TH170 TB
I think my icon says it for me...
Original: Kai, Tyson.
MFB: Gingka, Ryuga, Kyoya.
Burst: Valt, Free, Lui, Shu.
I only watched and read the original and my number one fave is: Kai Hiwatari

Others: Mystel, Brooklyn, Robert, Hiro, Garland, Tala/Yuri, the twins (I forgot their names) and Zeo.
Kurtz saved my life.
Zac helped me with kinship.
Wakiya is beautiful.
Lui is a muffin.
kurtz or sumie fubuki
Mine has to be Ray from the original generation
(Mar. 18, 2018  7:33 AM)Bey_$avage Wrote: kurtz or sumie fubuki

Bless you.
BSB: Takao
MFB: Da Xiang
Zero-G: Eito
Burst: Xhaka
Cho Z: Aiga
Classic: Ray
MFB: Masamune,Sora and Ryuga
0G: I...actually don't like the Zero-G characters that much...
Burst: Xander,Lui,Shu,Boa,Jin,Valt
ChoZ: Suou,Fubuki,Ranjiro,Aiga
OG: Kai,Tyson,Ray and Max(Love em all)
MFB: Ryuga, Tsubasa,Gingka
Zero G: - (Sorry) Zero maybe ---\Tired/----
Burst: Shu,Free,Valt,Lui
Choz: Valt and Lui