Whine about your breaks

(Aug. 22, 2021  9:17 PM)UnseenBurst Wrote:
(Aug. 22, 2021  9:15 PM)AlexTheBlader Wrote: my friend was battling rage and it flew out of the stadium, hit the wall and then hit the TV. TV was okay, wall was dented, 3A Broken.

How did Rage not break the TV? It's super bulky and has a lot of metal on it?


Ignore this.

I created a weak combo to go up against my friends,
Gaia Nine Hunter

I launched and Gaia bounced and landed on my friend's combo Luinor L2 Yell Edge.

The Hunter driver was toast, the rubber got ripped out, and now the driver is like Assault because all that remains is the plastic.
I had a funeral for my devil blade tonight Unhappy small breakage from a guilty upper made it not playable.

No, you cannot fit the revive armor onto the Jerk disc.
I broke my beylauncher L at the tournament yesterday but Dr. ItsSwift came through with the electrical tape. Real life blader Kenny.