Which video games have the best plot lines?

In my opinion the mobile game reigns has a great plotline.
The witcher series
And also the game with a knee and an arrow in it
[Image: BioShock_cover.jpg]

plot is very good, but overall world/concept is a masterpiece. you’ll find yourself thinking about it for some time.
How about " The Last Of Us " and " God Of War(2018)" ; I had played Last of Us and it was SO AWESOME !! ( But , I watched the gameplay of God Of War and it was AWESOME too !!! )
Lunar: Eternal Blue

I dare anyone to contradict me Joyful_3
Legend of Zelda twilight princess. Despite its bad reputation, it’s actually one of the best Zelda games if you get to know it.
For me Final Fantasy X will always have a top spot.

The graphics are blocky and canny but when I first played the game it was like "whooaaaaa this is craaaazy"
Knack 2 /s

but actually, Far Cry 4 imo
Pokemon Ultra Moon.

nailed it
(Nov. 24, 2018  3:41 PM)Dt20000 Wrote: Pokemon Ultra Moon.

nailed it

Really though, The plot isn't that great