Whats your greatest ever beybattle?

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Argument about whether or not Bursted is a word Smile

it is
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(Mar. 19, 2019  1:51 AM)CheetoBlader Wrote: Argument about whether or not Bursted is a word Smile

it is

I don’t really care about whether or not it’s a word I just want this thread back on topic. Smile
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(Mar. 19, 2019  1:52 AM)Jack jackson Wrote: it is

I don’t really care about whether or not it’s a word I just want this thread back on topic. Smile

Okay I will do it my epic beybattle v3 and s3 from a set valkrie hit a wall use it spring gimmick and bursted satomb
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We already had that argument
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Dude it really doesn’t matter. This thread is to talk about epic BEYBLADE battles! Not grammar! Smile
Before I joined I had played with my friends we both had 2 points I had almost stopped spinning when my opponent bursted
Mine: Stock gV
Opponent: (opened an hour earlier) Sr

I used the "winged Springed launch" due to having recently seen it in the anime. gV bounced off all four walls (yellow hasbro stadium) then sniped Sr, bursting it(Sr) instantly. Only one click on gV.

Some time later I adopted the technique and used it to burst zA.7M.Zt
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Then why did you ask for forgiveness?

I was trying to be polite.
I don’t know my greatest battle. I have a lot of really cool ones and fun ones. But here are one of my best battles.

bB stock

kD stock

Me and my brother began the battle in a blue beyblade beystadium, and both beys were making contact. Like, a lot. My brother knew he was gonna burst me, but my new launch I tried out wasn’t giving up. The last time the beys hit, they burst. All of beast Betromoth’s pieces were in the stadium. So were killer Deathscyther’s. Except for his layer. We looked everywhere for it, then found it. Well, half of it. My brother had only two beys then, and the first one (dark Doomsizor) had already broke. I, of course was elated. “Yes! I didn’t burst first! But then I felt bad. He of course got more beys later on, but at that moment, he had nothing else.
My greatest battle was probably Spryzen Requiem vs Nightmare Luinor. it was pretty much exactly like the anime battle. Except without the breaks.
This battle probably wasn’t the most fun for my opponent but I liked it!

Me: V2.B.V

Opponent: N2.V.Z

V2 went in for a big hit on N2 but on the hit N2 burst. But… N2 got burst a little too hard and the layer and driver flew across the room (they didn’t get scratched because it was on carpet) the disk flew too, but not in the same direction. The disk (Vertical) flew faster than the other parts while still spinning at launch speed and hit my opponents chest (He was okay)! The noise on impact made a LOUD thud. After that he didn’t play BEYBLADE with me for a week or two (I can’t remember as this was in 2017).
I removed the spring layer from a V3 and shot it on left spin with 7 volcanic

The recoil was insane , I had a lot of fun battles but picking it up was a pain

The best battle had the modded V3 doing a Flash Shoot and knocking another bey over the stadium wall, and burst in midair like in the anime Tongue_out

but the layer is unusable now for tournaments and stuff so mad regrets ig
Opponent: D2(HE).T.A

Me: aC3.6M.T

So C3 smacked D2 and D2 went flying past my head bursting right next to me. All of the parts went under something in my garage so we couldn’t get it out. It was pretty sad for my opponent because it was his birthday the next day. So the next day I spent about 30 mins getting it out and I gave it to him!
Here are two of my best battles ever:
Diablo Nemesis vs Blitz Striker
Xcalius 7 Cross Reboot vs Legend Spriggan 8 Vortex Nothing
Best battle ever huh..?
Well after losing like a millionth time to my brother’s aH, I went a little crazy and used nL w merge.
My merge is worn down to being a left rubber flat l, so it is my most aggressive driver. A perfect flower pattern and four hits from nL was all it took to burst aH. Not the most intense battle but was good enough for my brother to stop spamming his aH against me every time. Now we both use pure attack types without LAD for the most fun 5 sec battles
P4.10B.Wd-S vs X3.7C.Ds-S
P4.10L.Wd-S(Rail rush mode) vs N3.7B.Z
Mine was two days ago and I was in a gladiator battle and my friend just got a new lost longinus and my slash valkyrie threw it into the wall and made a dent in the wood
I was battling a family member and I had Excaluis I think and I was biting the opposing Beyblade really hard- and then I hit it so hard I got knocked back into the wall of the stadium and ...... wait for it