What do you think about Gachi?

(Sep. 15, 2019  4:46 PM)Monsterblader Wrote:
(Sep. 10, 2019  3:45 AM)BoogietheBlader Wrote: That's every beyblade season. In fact, that's every anime. Don't single out GT when litteraly every shonen anime does the same

Then you must haven't seen one punch man.

(Sep. 15, 2019  4:30 PM)BurstFiles Wrote: I feel you, i didnt like how in choz/turbo aiga just did a launch once and he automatically knew how to do it since then, he never really trained, first season is my favorite because valt actually had to practice and he lost battles and it was pretty unpredictable when you watch for the first time. My favorite was the first.
The Story has to do that. We all thought that Aiga was made OP. But nah, they did it for a reason A reason to get Corrupted. You can't get Corrupted if you are weak,do you? So he could have copy the launch style without seeing it.

Lol! Forgot about OPM.
I can’t really speak to the overall story of Gachi, obviously since the whole season isn’t out yet, but for as for as we’ve gotten, it’s pretty good. They kinda lost me for a while during episodes 5 through 11-ish, aside from that, it’s good so far. I can’t say the same for a few characters, though. Joe was ok. He just feels gimmicky and one of those that you know won’t be in it for the rest of the series. I hate to break it to ya, I don’t like Drum. IMO, he is the worst main character in the series. I feel like he never figures anything out for himself and talks to Dragon waaayyyy to often. I also don’t enjoy how he shouts and screams so much. I know Aiga did too, but it doesn’t sound like a whine in Japanese. Drum is just almost too emotional about BEYBLADE for my liking.

To all those who said be there was too much resonance and other nonsense, don’t forget that this season still has Delta and the gold turbo, and it seems like it’ll only ramp up considering some of the names of the new releases coming out.

Speaking of the series as a toyline, I think it’s fantastic. There are so many great customization options available, and I feel like that brings back some of the goodness from the first series.