Weird places you've brought your bey.

(Feb. 20, 2013  2:21 AM)DiamondStar Wrote: I brought my beyblades on a plane, and played with a random person sitting next to me.

XD Surprised that flight attendants didn't think it was some sort of weapon!
One time, I went to England for a bit (I'm from Toronto) and I accidentally brung 2 beys, and they rolled out of my pocket on the plane, and hit some guys toe, and he took it Unhappy
Oh , well .
Actually ...
I've taken my beys to Finland , Scotland , Rome .
Traveled the London tube with my whole collection , etc . [doing that again tomorrow XD]
Since I'm an older Beyblader, (Well not old old but I'm 20 so you get the point.) But back during the plastics generation I once brought my beys to school during my middle school days. But not for battling with friends like I usually did, I actually used them for a science project that I did on the subject of Beyblades and Kinetic Energy. I was quite surprised I manged to get an A- on it, brings back a lot of nostalgic memories when I think about it.

Nowadays with the MFB series, my younger brother who's still in elementary school (Yea I'm about 10-11 years apart from him) is now into beyblading thanks to my influence. But even still I'll take my Basalt Cancer 230D with me whenever I go bike riding,or it's on the dashboard of my car whenever I go anywhere. XD
Okay listen to this... I bring beyblades onto cruise ships to see if they would respond to the rocking of the boat. another time I went swimming and brought a sled into a pool to see a water battle... IM a weird person. Just ask me more, I got em'
I once took my newly-bought Big Bang Pegasis to school, to show my form teacher... She didn't have a clue what they were. Yeah... I'm crazy sometimes.
Probably the weirdest placed I bought a bey was rite aid, and the corner store.
I brought a bag of Beyblade parts and a V-Force portable stadium with me going on several plane rides to different places, I thought it was kind of amazing they didn't inspect it any further when the backpack carrying it went through x-ray scanning, I figured they would see all the metal rings and think it formed some kind of explosive, but I never had any problems. On a regular basis I bring my blade with me almost everywhere.

Sadly, I damaged my CS on the sidewalk when battling some guys over in Buffalo, somehow the blade using it got KO'd and the tall V-Force stadium walls were not enough to save it. I still need a new CS.
Does battling Beyblades whilst you're on the toilet count?
(Aug. 07, 2012  6:24 PM)H3LLO Wrote: LOL! Nice. Did an Aura apear around you when you took the dump? I always try to go super sayian when I take dumps... Chocked_2

Usually I bring a new Beyblade I just got everywhere I go. I still kinda do it, usually if it's shiny though, like Hell Kerbecs. I'm starting to stop doing that though. I did it mostly when I was younger.
Well it seems this guy did. Tongue_out

I still bring mine in public. Hoping for someone to challenge me. I seriously have a satchel with my beys in it. XD
I brought my BeyStadium on a train before..
Phantom orion to the space museum rock leone to a zoo ldrago to chinatown ceberus to LA and variares to a war monument
Lol I can understand when you brought variares to the monument! Wink
Houuuuuu.long island there is hardly no one that plays beyblade

You get in a concert with a beyblade they thought I had a shoricon
what's a shoricon?
In school we played beyblade on the tables at breakfast and lunch we controlled them with rip cords

(May. 23, 2015  5:34 PM)raiyanblader Wrote: what's a shoricon?

Look it up on google images
He mean "shuriken", not "shoricon"
(Aug. 08, 2012  4:15 PM)dragondrone Wrote:
(Aug. 08, 2012  3:42 PM)DarkBull2296 Wrote: i also brought a beyblade to a school on an open day (tours around the school) i played in the female toilets lol i was in there becuz my mum thought she would get lost if i wasnt with her

I remember when I was on a female toilet. Soo cool, so cleaner smelling, so stalker-ish, so not mine. It was nice to see my girlfriend.

Same I liked how the toilet was clean to

(Oct. 28, 2012  4:38 PM)BeybladePants11 Wrote: I've brought my bey to school and people always try to steal my TT beys oh yeah and I brought my beys to my dads store so I wont get bored

EDIT: My 4th grade teacher let us play beyblade in class for the last day of school Grin and I also battled in the school bathroom XD

My teacher to

(Feb. 23, 2013  3:25 PM)LMAO Wrote: One time, I went to England for a bit (I'm from Toronto) and I accidentally brung 2 beys, and they rolled out of my pocket on the plane, and hit some guys toe, and he took it Unhappy

Why did he took it?
Dude, don't quote such old posts. They were written in 2012-2013.
well they could still be active as long as the person who wrote it is still a member of the WBO. and also if people still use / like it
One time I brought my Earth Eagle to a bowling alley. For a birthday party. It got lost. And I cried. ¡.¡ I think the next wierdest place was my summer camp.
To a fancy restaurant in which I battled a girl who owned one.
Sorry to bump but I wanted to say something, I brought my beys to a Hotel in another country
Me? Beyhaha. This "Beyhaha" shows how big fan of beys I'm. I mean I carry a Beylauncher and my MSF-H Bahamadia Dragoon BD145RF/GF set everywhere I go and coolest bey I have at that time too

Like for weirdest example. I took with Wide Defence and Wide Suvivor WDs to Doctor's clinic, Brought my Burn Peices (that golden burn wheel?) with me when I was diving in 2011 lol, I took my Rev-Up launcher to my collage (not years before. Yesterday XD), I brought my Wyvang Wyvnag CH120RF to temple lol and many more

I basicly carry atleast 1 bey with me everywhere
Brought my beys, launchers and my stadiums to birthday parties, New Jersey, Cuba, school and on a plane. That's pretty much it? XD I don't bring Beys now as much as I did when I was younger.