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Legendary Blader from Team Meteor. Me and my team battle in my school and we win lots of battles. So with my team I feel unstoppable. As leader I have the strongest team ever. This is the Team Meteor leader, Robert/Legendary Blader. legendary blader team members: 1Team Meteor 2ILoveCodingZak 3Lynxis7V 4PrincessPinky 5Boss101xd My story: Since I was five I had a passion for bey blade I had this little power ranger top and I would push a button and it would spin .I started with cartoon network with beyblade metal fury.Then when I actually started playing I got a galaxy pegasis not the mfb the one that pops out .then at school I played with it and kept loosing,maybe as u know it by (the cool kids )we dident have a stadium actually we used ripcords to move them for action like in the anime then they were cheating pushing there hands in it and step on them and the performance tip would break and they had beyblades.then later in 3rd grade I started my team TEAM METEOR after the cool kids were out of control becomeing bullies . Then after the series ended and shogun steel started I found a place that had the same pation like me and that was the WBO and that's how I joined and got thr username TeamMeteor . Then in school i telled the cool kids about the wbo well they said oh I'll put my hand on there beyblade in the stadium and win then the leader of the cool kids jimmy left ,than my friend mokmood had a Diablo nemisis and telled me I was the second strongest bey blader in the school now in 5th grade because I had a Big Bang pegasis that was strong as nemisis u would never know who could win it was mostly me and him beating people but when we would battle one shot we both dropped off the table when he had the tempo metal with it and I mostly won because of the mode I did with the metal in Big Bang. Then later when I got older I saw beyblade series :metal fusion ,hms,plastic,on you tube.To sum up this is how I have a passion for Beyblade and my life story.

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