WBO mascot found on CAKE

Was browsing Instagram under the latest #Beyblade posts and found someone in Isreal had a Beyblade themed party and a Beyblade themed cake

On the cake was Tyson / Takao and..... SOMEONE ELSE


Hahah wow.   Making the big times =P
Icing what you found there, and I like it.
This is the best thing since an official Metal Fight Beyblade distributor (I can't remember where) used our fake english MFB logo on their very-real Beyblade boxes. Awesome to see that Taka fits in so well Wink

Thanks for sharing!
Figured people would get a kick outta it
(Jan. 10, 2019  1:12 AM)MagikHorse Wrote: Icing what you found there, and I like it.

I don't get it

Oh. Nvm. I see it now XD
These royalties can bankroll the creation of the app ?