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Full Version: WBO mascot found on CAKE
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Was browsing Instagram under the latest #Beyblade posts and found someone in Isreal had a Beyblade themed party and a Beyblade themed cake

On the cake was Tyson / Takao and..... SOMEONE ELSE

Hahah wow.   Making the big times =P
Icing what you found there, and I like it.
That's it, we're done here. Mission accomplished.
This is the best thing since an official Metal Fight Beyblade distributor (I can't remember where) used our fake english MFB logo on their very-real Beyblade boxes. Awesome to see that Taka fits in so well Wink

Thanks for sharing!
Figured people would get a kick outta it
(Jan. 10, 2019  1:12 AM)MagikHorse Wrote: [ -> ]Icing what you found there, and I like it.

I don't get it

Oh. Nvm. I see it now XD
These royalties can bankroll the creation of the app ?