WBO Organized Play Rule Updates March 2018 – dα Layer Rules, Double Elimination Added

Outlined below are several important new ruling additions, updates, and clarifications to the WBO Organized Play Burst Format rulebook and the Organizers' Guide. View all WBO Organized Play Rules & Resources here, and a summary of the changes below:

Rule Updates Overview
  • Burst Format: duo αeclipse, duo αpollos, and duo αrtemis Layer Configuration Clarifications
  • Organizer’s Guide: Tournament Formats – Double Elimination Added as Option for 33+ Participants
  • All Rulebooks: Photography Policy

Burst Format Updates

[Image: duo-eclipse-apollos-artemis-beyblade-bur...-layer.png]

Burst Format: duo αpollos, duo αrtemis, and duo αeclipse Layer Configuration Clarifications
With the release of the CoroCoro-exclusive duo αeclipse Layer recently and its unique Layer-splitting gimmick, some additional clarification for its usage in the first stage of our events and Deck Format in the finals–where only one copy of a Layer is permitted in your Deck–of WBO Organized Play Events is needed.

We have decided to consider each configuration of dα as a separate Layer. What this means for each stage of our events is outlined below:

Final Stage – Deck Format
You are permitted to construct a Deck containing any number of the configurations: duo αpollos, duo αrtemis, or duo αeclipse as all or part of the three Layers in your Deck Format combos. If you do not have three copies of dα, you are permitted to disassemble the Layer as is necessary throughout the Deck Format battle in order to switch to the other Layer configurations.

First Stage
During the first stage of events in regular matches, our regular mode changing rules for Layers that require disassembly and have mode changes (like Alter Chronos or Legend Spriggan) do not apply to dα because the different configurations are considered as separate Layers and not “modes”. Therefore, you cannot switch your configuration of dα during a regular first stage match.

Organizer’s Guide Updates

Organizer’s Guide: Tournament Formats – Double Elimination Added as Option for 33+ Participants
Double Elimination is now available as a Tournament Format option for events with 33 or more participants as an alternative to Swiss Format.

In Double Elimination, there are two brackets: the Winners Bracket and Losers Bracket. After losing once, Bladers are sent to the Losers Bracket. If they lose for a second time, they are eliminated from the event. Once both brackets have been completed, the top eight Bladers (top four from the Winners Bracket, top four from the Losers Bracket) move on to the Final Stage using our standard Single Elimination Deck Format.

Challonge Instructions
In addition to the standard instructions in our Organizer’s Guide, when creating your Double Elimination event in Challonge, use these options:

  • Type: Two Stage
  • Group Stage: Double Elimination
  • Participants compete in each group: Total Number of Participants
  • Participants advance from each group: 8

Using the total number of participants for the last option ensures there will only be a single Double Elimination bracket to run. For example, if you tournament has 36 participants, your bracket will have 36 participants. Not two 18-player brackets.

Our introduction of Double Elimination is in an effort to provide an option for tournament hosts that may not have access to the amount of dedicated judges needed to efficiently run Swiss Format with six or more rounds (as becomes necessary with 33 or more participants according to our Organizer’s Guide) in a reasonable amount of time. We have often found that in larger Swiss Format events, participants/parents often don’t understand how long the event is going to take, which leads to some players dropping out, and causes disruptions for hosts. It’s important to note that hosts should make an effort to provide an estimate of how long an event will take to complete before it starts, but nevertheless, adding Double Elimination as an option will be beneficial in some circumstances.

Double Elimination is lenient and fair enough in the sense that you get two chances before being eliminated, but it nevertheless is slightly more demanding than Swiss Format where sometimes players with two losses can make it to the finals. However, this is a fair price to pay given the length of time Swiss Format can often take.

All Rulebooks

Photography Policy
While this has almost never been an issue at our events, we have made the addition of a photography policy to each of our rulebooks:

All Rulebooks – Photography Policy Wrote:By attending any World Beyblade Organization Organized Play Event, you agree as either an organizer, participant, or spectator to potentially be photographed or included by video shot by staff members, organizers, or other participants/spectators.

If you would prefer to not be included in any photographs or videos, please notify the host of the event and they can make an effort to notify the person taking photos and video to minimize your appearance in them as much as possible. However, guarantees of complete exclusion cannot be made given the nature of shooting photos and video at our events (you may still appear in the background depending on the circumstances, for example). We thank you for your understanding in this matter.

If you are attending an event and plan on taking photographs or video, please ensure to do so respectfully and if you are asked to refrain from shooting someone, please make every effort to do so.

If you have any feedback on these particular changes, or any questions or suggestions for further adjustments or additions, please post your thoughts below or in the WBO Organized Play Rules thread.

Thank you to everyone for your continued support of WBO Organized Play! We appreciate any and all feedback and are always looking to improve and clarify things where possible.

View all WBO Organized Play Rules & Resources here.
Thank you very much for the updates Kei these new rulings are great and i feel like you made things very clear in this update and easy to understand. The double elimination bracket seems like it will have use to, and may even be implemented down in Philadelphia on the 17 since it has about 70 members registered so far (and I might take a train from Boston all the way to make my debut on the tournament scene) in my opinion Swiss & double elimination both have their uses. But I like the atmosphere created by Swiss in tournament settings
Quick question. We can still use Swiss for 33+ right?
(Mar. 04, 2018  9:13 PM)FIREFIRE CPB Wrote: Quick question. We can still use Swiss for 33+ right?

Of course! It was primarily added to those that lack judges like me Unhappy
Yeah, Double Elimination is completely optional. The host chooses whether it'll be Swiss or DE, and we advise the choice is made based on the amount of time you actually have available for the event. For instance, an event with 50+ people will probably be better off playing DE, as the match count is halved and it won't essentially take your entire day to perform, haha.

It's down to Organiser to choose what is best for their event!
lol he said challonge
(Mar. 06, 2018  12:23 AM)LordL0Ls Wrote: lol he said challonge

That's the app name
Looking forward to being the pilot event for Double Elimination! I probably bit off more than I could chew by posting the thread over a month too early, lol Unsmith