WBO Organized Play Rule Updates August 2018: Spriggan Requiem/Maximum Garuda Unbanned

(Aug. 10, 2018  10:24 PM)addyaustin Wrote: Level chips are still banned, right?

Unbanned sinced July 2th
If g3 poses no threat to hS... My hS is defective. And I need to use a screwdriver to pry it from attack to defense but not vice versa. I am bringing a screwdriver to crash. (the tournament) Wild Wyvern is coming with Orbit, and hS performs well against mg, even with weight, so mg is going down.

Mg combo is stock, 8 flow flugel.
(Aug. 03, 2018  4:11 PM)GOD CHIPS Wrote:
(Aug. 03, 2018  4:03 PM)BuilderROB Wrote: Hasbro has really become OP recently, haven’t they?

Did to their slopes , Right ( I think the next banned beyblade should be REVIVE PHEONIX , it is giving nightmares to Bladers who are playing against the owner of a Revive Pheonix  )

Revive Phoenix can actually be beaten with beys with high attack and high stamina. And it has to attack under Phoenix, or use a jumping attack.
Super Z series still not legal in some regions.
(Aug. 23, 2018  11:19 AM)Jayson2108 Wrote: Super Z series still not legal in some regions.

It's about WBO rulings. Cho Z are allowed everywhere
Personally people over exaggerate about hasbros Garuda it can be taken down by bout anything
(Oct. 27, 2018  3:30 AM)Swrebels08 Wrote: Unban spizzan

Its unbanned.
(Oct. 27, 2018  3:30 AM)Swrebels08 Wrote: Unban spizzan

Spriggan Requiem has been unbanned. This is only for the TakaraTomy model. The Hasbro one is still banned though...
Garuda on eternal with A mold god chip is op and spriggan 10 or 0 bump destroy one of the best attack combos (just suggesting.)
Wow I have Spriggan Requiem and Hell Salamander and I didn't know that well you learn something new every day.