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Country: India (भारत) Registration Date: Jul. 18, 2018

My Beyblade craze started when I was but a wee kid. When the original series aired, it got me completely hooked. Kai was my favorite character and Dranzer was the best! Then I got my first Beyblade, Seaborg. It was a defense type bey and was really good. One of my cousins had a fake knockoff bey, which he thought was super awesome as it had LED lights and was huge (double the size of my Seaborg). Needless to say, he went home crying that day as it didn't survive its first battle against Seaborg. Then real life happened and I diverted my focus onto studies and career. Fast forward 15 something years and recently, I got to know about Beyblade burst and I really enjoyed this new burst system so now I am hooked again!

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