WBO Community Rules Update & Moderator Team Changes

Hello everyone! We have a few quick updates for you today on some rules and moderation related topics:

WBO Community Rules Update
We have revised the WBO Community Rules. All users are required to abide by these rules.

What we have done in this update is offer more specific detail on the sorts of things which are:

  • Instantly Bannable Offences
  • Things Not To Do
  • Minor Problems

These things directly govern how WBO Staff apply (or don't apply) warnings and bans.

We have also outlined more specifically what the goal of our moderation team is and what responsibilities users bear when it comes to observing problems in the community.

Please take some time to review them.

Terms of Service Update
We have also updated our Terms of Service to mention that abiding by the Community Rules is required by all members who participate in the community on site and on related external platforms that we manage.

Moderation Team Changes
First, as some of you may have noticed, DeceasedCrab is no longer a WBO Staff member. He decided to step down of his own accord earlier this week, a decision which we have respected. We expect the community to respect it as well. He was a valued member of the team and we are sorry to see him go, but we wish him nothing but the best! We look forward to seeing him at future events.

There will be no further comment on this from WBO Staff and discussion on worldbeyblade.org, the WBO Discord, any other WBO run platform, or harassing DeceasedCrab about it will not be tolerated. Thank you for your understanding!

Moderation Team Expansion
Next, we wanted to announce that we are planning to soon expand our moderation team. This was already in discussion before the above occurred, but with that having happened, it has placed a greater urgency on the expansion.

With the activity on the forums and WBO Discord combined, it's become clear to us over the past few months that we need more help on this front.

We have several candidates in mind and will soon be reaching out to them. We will post a further update once any new Staff members have been added!

Questions, Concerns, or Comments?
If you have any questions, concerns, or comments about the updates posted here, please feel free to reach out to a WBO Staff member privately or post in the Discuss worldbeyblade.org forum if it is an issue which warrants public discussion.