Toronto Beyblade Tournament Reports: Rowdy in the Dish 2 & PLASTIC'S NOT DEAD! 4

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July 29, 2017 at High Park in Toronto, Ontario Canada • BURST & PLASTICS FORMAT


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Winners of PLASTIC’S NOT DEAD! 4: JesseObre (3rd), 1234beyblade (1st), pyrus10000 (2nd)

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Winners of Rowdy in the Dish 2: Kei (2nd), JesseObre (1st), 1234beyblade (3rd)

On this day Lani and Mitsu hosted a pair of tournaments: Rowdy in the Dish 2 (Burst Format) and PLASTIC’S NOT DEAD! 4 (Plastics Format). Two tournament days have become slightly unusual in Toronto lately. I’ll be splitting this report into two sections: one for each tournament.

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Rowdy in the Dish 2 - Report

There’s a lot of interesting details to this tournament. This tournament took place before anybody had Maximum Garuda, I was the only player who had Guardian Kerbeus, and Newtype/Flux and another new player were the only ones who had Legend Spriggan. In fact, it was the first tournament in Toronto to have Legend Spriggan present.

We had around 15 players and therefore played using Block Round Robin. In my block, I went undefeated at 7-0 leaning largely upon Alter Chronos 2 Cross Atomic. Strangely, I didn’t run into much Drain Fafnir except against pyrus10000 where I was able to KO his dF.P.At three times with aC.2C.H; it reinforced my general dislike for the Polish variant of dF given that it makes it easier to KO in comparison to 4G.

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It’s important to understand however that at this particular junction, we were still collectively having trouble defeating Drain Fafnir with much consistency. However, throughout the course of the day we discovered that Guardian Kerbeus on Atomic could reliable OS Drain Fafnir on Atomic, which changed things and changed them fast once we reached the finals. We also had heard and confirmed that Legend Spriggan in left-spin could burst Drain Fafnir quite well; 1234beyblade put this to use in his finals match against Mitsu. Newtype also almost beat Mitsu in the block play with his Legend Spriggan versus Mitsu's Drain Fafnir, but lost 3-2.

Regrettably, after going undefeated all the way to the final match against JesseObre, I ended up losing 6-2 against perhaps the most incredible anti-meta deck I’ve ever seen devised in a particular moment in time ahaha.

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JesseObre: N.S.R, bR.4G.At, W.H.R
Kei: gK.4G.At, dF.2C.H, lS.7M.Z or X (can’t recall)

The main problem here was that I overextended and instead of putting in gK on Revolve, I believed that gK.4G.At would be able to consistently beat 1234beyblade’s infamous W.H.R. I’m still surprised that it wasn’t able to, to be honest. But that’s how it went. Then, even though I could win the match-up against bR, it was still 50/50 to some degree when using my gK combo. And N.S.R kind of locked me out of lS. dF.2C.H was entirely disappointing too; I thought I could get away with it against his W.H.R as well, but it just couldn’t do it. For some reason my Hold combos always do better in testing than in tournaments.

In any case, I have to say this particular loss–while disappointing–was one of the most easily acceptable ones I’ve ever had. I just got beat!

Deck Format Finals
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More Rowdy in the Dish 2 Photos

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Prior to Rowdy in the Dish 2, we hosted PLASTIC’S NOT DEAD! 4, our event participating in our annual HMS & Plastics Remembrance event.

As always, there were plenty of random combos being thrown around due to the high number of players who were borrowing parts from those that had decent collections. We had ten people for this event, and I’d say it was about a 50/50 split on people who had Plastics parts and those who didn’t, which in 2017 … I’d say is pretty good haha.

It was also great to see older members like @[DSiks] come out for the event; more than being able to play with the older generations, I think I enjoy it even more when the older formats can attract people who might not normally attend like this.

One of the best things about Plastics is the intense recoil some parts have, which made for some exciting battles in the MFB Attack Stadium we were using. Unfortunately, there were a few breaks … JesseObre managed to break two of my Driger S/Triger Defenser Attack Rings and also lose the Blade Base clip for my Wolborg 4 haha. I was disappointed to have that happened, but half almost expected something to happen that day.

Ultimately, it was a little bit disappointing to see the top two players of the tournament come away without using any Attack types, but pyrus10000 certainly tried! If you watch the Instagram Story video I included at the beginning of the report you’ll see that he was up 2-0 against his War Lion-based zombie combo with a Trygle/Triple Wing-based Attack type against 1234beyblade, but ended up getting “reverse sweeped”, as we like to say.

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Winning Combinations

Rowdy in the Dish 2 - Burst Format

1st: Jesse Obre
Drain Fafnir Spread Revolve
Guardian Kerbeus 4 Glaive Atomic (Deck Format Finals Only)
Wyvern Heavy Revolve (Deck Format Finals Only)
Blaze Ragnaruk 4 Glaive Atomic (Deck Format Finals Only)

2nd: Kei
Drain Fafnir 4 Glaive Atomic
Alter Chronos 4 Glaive Atomic
Alter Chronos 2 Cross Hold
Drain Fafnir 2 Cross Hold (Deck Format Finals Only)
Guardian Kerbeus 4 Glaive Atomic (Deck Format Finals Only)

3rd: 1234beyblade
Blaze Ragnaruk 4 Glaive Atomic
Alter Chronos 4 Glaive Atomic
Drain Fafnir 4 Glaive Atomic
Drain Fafnir Polish Atomic
Legend Spriggan 7 Vortex Xtreme (Deck Format Finals Only)
Spriggan Nine Jaggy (Deck Format Finals Only)

PLASTIC’S NOT DEAD! 4 - Plastics Format

1st: 1234beyblade
AR: Tiger Defenser
WD: Wide Defense
SG: Right Engine Gear
BB: Normal Base (Wolborg 4 Survivor ver.)

AR: War Lion
S-AR: Dragon Saucer
WD: Wide Defense
SG: Right Spin Gear (Bearing ver.)
SP: Defense Ring
BB: Customize Grip Base

2nd: pyrus10000
AR: War Lion
WD: Eight Heavy
SG: Right Spin Gear
BB: SG Semi-Flat Base

AR: War Lion
S-AR: Dragon Saucer
WD: Wide Defense
SP: Defense Ring
SG: Neo SG Left (Double Bearing, Wolborg 2 Shaft)
BB: Customize Grip Base

3rd: JesseObre
AR: Tiger Defenser
WD: Wide Survivor
SG: Right Engine Gear (Circle Survivor)
BB: Normal Base (Wolborg 4 ver.)

AR: Triple Tiger
WD: Wide Defense
SG: Neo Right + Heavy Metal Core
BB: Metal Flat Base (Gaia Dragoon V ver.)

AR: Upper Claw
WD: Ten Balance
SG: Neo Right SG (Metal Weight ver.)
SP: Upper Attack SP
BB: Customize Change Base

Thanks for reading! If you have any questions about this event, please feel free to post below!

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