Things you collect (not beyblade related)

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I collect Pokemon Games. Grin

I have every Pokemon game so far, except the Gold, Silver, Crystal. I never liked those. aha
Janstarblast Retired
(Mar. 12, 2012  11:05 PM)GaHooleone Wrote:
(Mar. 11, 2012  1:05 PM)blah Wrote: Pokemon cards because the artworks are just amazing to look at.
Fond player of the video game but have never played the trading card game competitively so I'm just a collector.

I still have my 150 USD+ collection of rare cards, along with a ton of spares.

Definitely a fond player of the video game too, haha.

Wow, I actually do not have rare cards, and my TCG collection stands at a mere 100-200 cards.
Aaand, even I am a fond player of the video game...

Well, as many people do, I usually like to collect old coins. I am also fond of collecting anything that is small and shiny! Call me a real-world Meowth or Linoone!
I have got a lot of beads, buttons, and marbles! Eee
Ga' Retired
Get some original Charizard swag like I have then. Wink I got it when it was sold in stores, but my Charizard is unfortunately not 1st Edition. Otherwise, that collection's value would go up by 200 dollars.
sarabscientist Retired
I HAVE OVER 9 THOUSAND (just saiyan).
I collect pokemon cards. I have about 200-300 of them. I never played the actual game, I'm just a card collector.
I used to collect pokemon cards but then traded in 600 cards for $30 at Toysonfire Ottawa and bought the Super Deck set
I used to collect GoGo's Crazy Bones.
Don't even get me started on how many I've got...
BIGBANG! Retired
ok so i collect a whole load of pokemon cards i have like nearly 3 tin fulls and i collect a few yu-gi-oh cards i have quite a few pokemon figures
I collect(Love) Domo. Ive got like a big 4ft plushie and i just got a small one the other day ive got like a lumberjack hat of Domo a wallet and a bunch of stickers i want soo much more too.XD im actually tempted to change my username to Domo Joyful_3
I collect yugioh and Hotwheels(just real cars, like nissans, and all those street tuners). , My Deck is just a loose fairy deck, But in duel transer, i play one mean, annoying, troll faced Exodia deck. With the new banlist, 2 Level limit B's, 3 gravity binds, 1 wall of reavealing light,a sangan,3 destniy hero defenders, 2 marshmallons, 1 spirit reaper, 3 rockstone warriors.. (PM me for my entire list.)
I collect small cars/automobiles from HotWheels. It's funny how much fun it is when you look at all your current colection and say "Wow, that's nice!". I have about 200 in my collection now, I will post some pictures later!
Ga' Retired
I've recently begun a collection of Kikkerland windup toys. I started with the Leopold jumping bug which I got as a gift for Christmas, and recently got the Sparklz windup toy. I'm focusing on the windups and mechanical toys for now, but these are pretty cool items. Check them out!
Now don't laugh...

I collect most anything Batman related. Also collect racing diecasts(NASCAR,F1,Raaly etc.),Gundam models,Star Trek models....the list goes on.
TDBR Retired
I have collected
1.Pokemon Cards
2.Naruto Cards
4.Yugioh Cards
Pokemon cards dinosaur caps and hexbugs.
i collect FIFA world cup stuff like vuvuzelas, the soccer balls, and others. another thing is pokemon cards, bakugan, kidrobot, and recycables, you know, because i could get money
I collect ( not beyblade related) Yugioh cards (5d's and GX and regular) Pokemon and Naruto Sage's booster packs
I started collecting Dragon-type Yu-Gi-Oh! cards. going for a moderately tiered deck.
Thunder Dome

I collect yugioh besides beyblade
Luck Retired
I collect:
pokemon, yugioh, bakugan, (EXCLUDING BEYBLADE) so yeah beyblade, and books and ting XD
Galaxy Retired
I collect manga & gashapons\action figures.
This is a part of my collection, other stuff will be added on next week.
Attention: big pics!

I collect manga, anime dvds, yugioh cards, computers, computer games, lego, pokemon, and lots of random things.
haha, i collect pokemon cards, mangas, random antiques that i find, and cool vintage stuff for amazing refurbishing and just cool like that, haha.
I used to collect pokemon and yugioh cards(i have soooo many). Now,Im starting to collect manga,dvds/blu-rays of my favorite shows(mostly anime). I don't collect much else. Im thinking of collection naruto headbands lol.
Tri Retired
I collect manga, anime, and anime figures. I just started collecting figures.

I used to collect PkMn cards until they declined in popularity at my school, me and my parents counted how many I had once and I had like 500-600+(I can't remember).
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