Team Ωmega Nova; The bladers of the Stars - Sign-Up Page

We are always welcoming new members, and lucky for you we are having our first meeting in months! Check our main thread for details here:
You already have, just post here and I'll fit you into one of our Units (Infinite, Phsyga or Sigma)

EDIT: For the people who have joined, but not yet been placed in your Unit here they are:

BigBangBladerX1 = Infinite Nova, leader RowDog
Leone Striker = Sigma Nova, leader SDC (me)

This of couse, means that Psyga Nova has one less blader than Sigma and Infinite, so we need one more member to join to even the teams.
thank you i really appreciate it Stupid
kai-v sed i have to have a beyblade passport to enter tournaments is that true
(Jan. 16, 2012  11:11 AM)leone striker Wrote: kai-v sed i have to have a beyblade passport to enter tournaments is that true

You don't have to have one, but, really, it's best that you should get one if you want to enter all WBO-sanctioned tournaments free-of-charge.

EDIT: Oh yeah, and questions like that belong in the Questions About The WBO thread in the Questions and Comments section, where you could have looked to find the answer to your question as well.
I want to join your team too. Although I don't have much beys now, but at least a Galaxy Pegasis GB145MS--all parts are hasbro.

My name: foxy
Branch: local --Perth coz I live in Perth

thanks again. S.D.C
Sure, your ok to join. I'll add you to a unit when time allows
@ S.D.C when will u be organizing the next bey tournament for those who uses the metal beyblades i mean will there be another meeting if so when will it be on?
I made some new posts in the main thread, please go and check it everyone
S.D.C i would like to join i pm you already:) thanks
but here
name:Bryce AKA Unstopable
I will join in global
and can i make a philippine branch??
Can I join we have had a lot of Pm's Regarding to Improve Myself and my Team.So now can I join.
where abouts is the peth bey tournament is going to be held at this year and where is the main thread where you have made new threads to it
I wouldn't mind joining the local one if it's still going... I need to get out more.
The leader hasn't been on on since last year...
Wait, local would mean you're from Western Australia, no?

I am trying to get a tournament together out here. Currently postponed but we were really close to having the 8 people we need. Not a team, but I would like to have them regularly, in a range of formats (and I certainly need to get out more too, heh).
Yeah, I'm near Perth. I wouldn't mind being apart of your tournament either.
Y'know, if you're in Perth, you should PM this guy about having a tournament! They're looking for players. Smile
Is there any specific type of Beyblade needed or can it be any kind?
Aight sweet, I'll keep you in the loop once I've got things a little more organised.

As for requirements, it depends on the format (usually Metal Fight Beyblade tops are fine, though Limited, the format of the tournament I'm trying to get together right now, has its own banlist but generally that's suitable for Perth because we didn't get anything after the maximum series in stores anyway - also keen on doing plastics/hms tournaments if possible, but for now, MFB is the focus), and obviously all parts must be authentic - takara tomy, sonokong or hasbro. There are various rulebooks around the site with information, though if you have trouble finding them shoot me a PM and I'll help you out (just a little slow replying to them at the moment cos I'm a litttttle busy IRL).

@TBD: Appreciate the sentiment, even if you were just a minute or two too slow Smile I thiiiink I'm subscribed to all the Perth-related threads around the site, especially as I scoured them for usernames for mass PM's about the recent tournament (which resulted in a whopping <5% reply rate, eurgh).