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Full Version: Team Ωmega Nova; The bladers of the Stars - Sign-Up Page
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Team Ωmega Nova Sign-up Page (WBO)

Welcome one and all!
This is the official sign-up page for Team Omega Nova, the ultimate worldwide beyblade team! Although we are based in Perth, Australia, we are a global bey team; so we recruit people from all over the world. The team is split up into two main branches; Local and Global. They will be explained as follows:

Local: This branch requires you to live in Perth, WA (rockingham is included). You will be allowed to blade with other members and teams in perth and will be able to compete in local comps. Plus the added comfort being close to the main HQ
Global: The global branch is for people who do not live in Perth (Sydney for example). You can join the team and represent us in competitions and battle with members from other teams in the same place. The global branch is split into sub-teams, like Team Shadow Nova which is based in Indonesia.

How to make an application:
To apply for a position in Team Omega Nova, just PM me or leave a reply in this thread. Remember to state your name and include what branch you are applying for (either global or local)!

Member List:

Members Only Section
Here is the official Team Omega Nova userbar, if you are a higher rank ask us to PM you the userbars for captain, commander and general (this is to avoid members masquerading as highers ranks)
Here is the final ranking system for the team, so all those members, aim high!
1st Rank: Brigadier General (Has the same powers over their local team as a General, but instead globally has the power to oversee and fix problems with other teams)
2nd Rank: General (Shows significant input to the team, has been recognized as a high achiever in the team)
3rd Rank: Commander (Is the leader of the team in their area, has made significant inputs to the team)
4th Rank: Captain (Has made minor inputs to the team and is head of a department)
5th Rank: Member (Just a general member)

Brigadier General of Team Omega Nova
I'm in. Where in Perth is it?
Can't hurt to tag along.Tongue_out I'm in.
Thanks for offering, I'll need to check with RockLeoneBro77 to sign you up but you should be fine, I'll send you both a PM with the details
I wanted to join but already in a EPIC team and i live in NSW so yeah i cant
This is what i've been lookin for!! Count me in this bey club!
Do you want to join the online or local branch (join local if you are in Perth)
Tag me in! I want to join the online one.
Sure, your in raiigeki.
I'm looking forward to the team Smile
Where do we meet up and all? =)
im in won't hurt if i tag along hahah
So you both want to join the local branch? (Please specify)
Yes, I wish to join the Local team Omega Nova in Rockingham =D
Ok, your in RockBullH145SF. Welcome to the team. I'll release the date and place of our first meeting in the next few weeks.
YES~!!!! Sweeetness, what would i need to bring, other then my Blades? >w<
I'll PM you the details soon, but the meeting may not be for a few weeks.
Hey Rock Bull. Welcome to the club. When will we be receiving more details about our first tournament.
Well, I'll be away for the next two weekends so probably near the holidays sometime. But it could be closer than that.
hey im in another team but i would like to arrange with our leader if you can battle us if your willing to battle us
Attention Everyone! Team Omega Nova has gone global! Anyone who joins, don't matter where you are, can become a member as long as you beyblade in tournaments.
I want to join the local one
Sweet, shadow234 is now a member
Where is your team located? If it's in perth then give me the name of your leader and I'll arrange a battle
hey since your global we got a global team to and now were getting a team ready for perth australia so if you want to battle that team maybe in a couple months i can get my team leader to comfirm it
count me in local :]
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