[Takara Tomy]  (LC) Geist Fafnir 0Lift Ωcta

(Level Chip) Geist Fafnir 0Lift Ωcta

Geist Fafnir 0Lift Ωcta is a KO Defense combo in Burst Limited. At a whopping 63.48 grams, this combo makes use of its massive weight to resist being knocked out as opposed to something like Kp' or U' that rely on grip. Rather than using either of the rubber defense Drivers, Ωcta gives the combo the ability to outspin a greater range of non-attack opponents at the cost of not having the dash spring, making this into a bit more of a Defense/Stamina/LAD combo (but still mostly defense imo).

Level Chip: Supposedly it improves the combo's balance and burst resistance, and while I've definely found this to be true for some layers I haven't observed a difference in this combo's performance with or without the Level Chip (but I admittedly also haven't gone out of my way to try and measure one). The main reason it's here is for weight, since this combo needs every gram of that it can get.
Geist Fafnir: The heaviest of the defensive left spin Layers now that Gravity is gone. It has some Burst Attack going for it as well, but its stamina and opposite spin performance generally aren't the greatest.
0: Technically you could use 10 or 00 to make the combo even heavier, but using those disks with more OWD will make this combo easier to burst. 0 has a more centralized weight distribution, and I happen to have an unusually heavy purple one that balances well with this combo, so that's the one I use.
Lift: The heaviest Frame that works well with the Driver, Ωcta, for Life After Death. If the TT Blitz is ever unbanned in this format it would be a good substitute for 0Lift here.
Ωcta: It was once the heaviest Driver, now I think the Charges and Bullet are heavier? It's notable for being able to OS Atomic in opposite spin, though it's a bit easy to destabilize in same spin.

None of these parts have a particularly high amount of stamina on their own, but when combined into something that outweighs most of its competition by ~10 grams, they have a surprising amount of functional stamina - on contact with something like F3, dF, or aB, the lighter opponent will lose more stamina per hit than gF, and this effect increases the faster gF is spinning. Being heavier than its opponents also increases its resistance to destabilization, which increases Ωcta's same spin performance.

Check out the video version of this combo here: --↴

LC Geist Fafnir 0Lift Ωcta vs Hazard Kerbeus 7Dagger Xtreme'
gF.0L.Ω: 12 wins (1 KO, 11 OS)
hK.7D.X': 8 wins (7 KO, 1 OS)
gF.0L.Ω' win rate: 60%

LC Geist Fafnir 0Lift Ωcta vs Nightmare Longinus Turn Xtreme'
gF.0L.Ω: 11 wins (8 OS, 3 KO)
nL.T.X': 9 wins (5 KO, 4 Burst)
1 tie redone
gF.0L.Ω' win rate: 55%

Well, since this is supposed to be a defense type, I figured I need to show how good it is against attack. Though the rounds I recorded make gF look pretty good, but the numbers here might not, especially against right spin KO Attack. Keep in mind this was a testing setting where it was launched first and a bit easier to aim at (especially with hK where nailing the first hit is very important). And considering nL.T.X' schreds pretty much anything else same spin, the fact that this combo can get above 50% in testing means it's definitely worth its weight defensively.

Geist Fafnir 0Lift Ωcta vs LC Bloody Longinus Generate
gF.0L.Ω: 11 wins (9 OS, 2 KO)
bL.Gn: 9 wins (5 OS, 4 Burst)
2 ties redone
gF.0L.Ω' win rate: 55%

Changed the Level Chip to bL for this one, just because for me it significantly improves its stability and performance. Basically, this match comes down to whether Generate can score a lot of early hits, which will either burst gF or knock it off balance enough to allow it to lose spin throughout the match and OS it late game.

LC Geist Fafnir 0Lift Ωcta vs Nightmare Longinus Turn Drift
gF.0L.Ω: 13 wins (11 OS, 2 KO)
nL.T.Dr: 7 wins (3 OS, 1 KO, 3 Burst)
2 ties redone
gF.0L.Ω' win rate: 65%

I surprisingly found nL.T.Dr to not go aggressive very often. It only self-KOed once, the other KO was when it recoiled off gF. For the most part gF was able to tank all of nL Drift's attacks and OS it (though a lot of the OSes were close, Drift could destabilize Ωcta sometimes but just didn't have the stamina to finish the job).

LC Geist Fafnir 0Lift Ωcta vs Fafnir F3 00Cross Absorb-S
gF.0L.Ω: 14 wins (6 OS 8 Burst)
F3.00C.Ab-S: 6 wins (all OS)
gF.0L.Ω' win rate: 70%

I alternated launches for these, and was sliding shooting Ab-S so F3 would avoid contact with gF. Nonetheless, it still bursted quite often and was occasionally outspun as well. A tighter Ab-S would give F3 a better chance, so I decided to change the Driver to a more burst resistant one:

LC Geist Fafnir 0Lift Ωcta vs Fafnir F3 0Expand Atomic-S
gF.0L.Ω: 9 wins (7 OS, 2 Burst)
F3.0E.At-S: 11 wins (all OS)
gF.0L.Ω' win rate: 40%

Contrary to how the normal ball-cone interaction works for destabilization, for this one you'll want to tornado stall F3. Generally, the quicker you get Ωcta off balance, the quicker it dies, but gF has a lot of weight and a lot of CWD, and right at the beginning of the match is when it's going to be at the apex of its power. If F3 runs into it then, it could lose a ton of spin from the weight difference or even burst, so it's better to stall it out. Sometimes gF would still manage to push F3 down onto its Frame and OS it, but maybe I chose badly for F3's Disk. Maybe in this specific matchup (and maybe stationary bL too) something like 00C or Hasrbo Wheel would be better since it'll allow At-S to stall for longer.

Geist Fafnir 0Lift Ωcta vs LC Bloody Longinus 0Glaive Orbit Metal
gF.0L.Ω: 6 wins (all OS)
bL.0G.Om: 14 wins (11 OS, 3 Burst)
2 ties redone
gF.0L.Ω win rate: 30%

bL is a lot like a left spin tN, it has a surprisingly good amount of Stamina and destabilization ability. With less of a weight difference between these two combos (I didn't weigh this bL combo but my guess it's mid 50s, while the F3 is high 40s) it was also able to exploit the favorable Driver matchup better.

LC Geist Fafnir 0Lift Ωcta vs Hercules H4 10Cross Absorb-S
gF.0L.Ω: 0 wins
H4.10C.Ab-S: 10 wins (all OS)
gF.0L.Ω' win rate: 0%

Unfortunately, almost any right spin Defense/Stamina Layer on a Disk/Driver setup with greater LAD than Lift Ωcta can take this combo down with little effort. gF Ωcta does not have enough aggression to KO a weak launched opposite spin opponent consistently.

It's very good defensively, despite not having a Dash Driver it was able to tank hits from both Longini, even stationary bL, without bursting very often, and despite getting only a 60% win rate against an attacker it's supposed to hard-counter, a 2 player tournament environment will likely change this and honestly, hK is the only right spin attacker worth testing against this because everything else doesn't have the power to KO gF, or is on Ds', which is going to beat  Ωcta anyways.

The high amount of functional stamina from its weight makes it a difficult combo to match up against in same spin as well, though either stationary or mixed bL seems to be the most consistent counter. Then again, mixed bL has a good matchup against literally everything left spin as well, so that's a bit of a moot point.

The most reliable way to defeat this combo imo is through right spin LAD. Ωcta is not very high in the LAD heirarchy especially now with things like Drift in the game. But even then, and I pointed this out at the end of the video, it seems to be a very safe combo in the current 1v1 WBO first stage since it had like 75% favorable matchups against all the combos chosen for the Limited CBT (which I'll eventually finish and also make a whole write up with data and everything some day).
nice combo
I usually see Ωcta as a driver better for stationary attack so its nice
This was cool customization! I don't have all the parts to make it, but if I did I would. Geist Fafnir was one of my first TT beyblades.