State of the Introductory Forum

Not that there is anything particularly wrong with a group of people not ever participating about Beyblade discussion on a Beyblade forum, but I think it is wrong for people to just repeatedly posting a banner saying "Welcome" without contributing to discussion or reading the OP.

For example, this:

I'm not understanding who this user is because he/she has not accurately described themselves as one would expect in an introductory. Instead of users asking questions about the other user and making them feel more "at home", users will post generic banners, which do not do anything productive other than make a newer user feel like their OP was relatively ignored (which is was in that sort of case).

I feel like SPAM is rampant in that forum. Your thoughts?
I totally agree with you, and I'm one of those people that just say 'Welcome to the WBO' and leave. I will keep this in mind now, thank you Deikailo.
I stated many times that if it were only up to me, posts in the "Introduce Yourself!" forum would not be considered towards anybody's postcount. Obviously this issue is already known, and people who do that a lot will never get the Antique Face ...
But how is it not spam? It doesn't contribute to conversation because if a new user would reply to their welcome message, they would not respond. They just post an image and leave.

Hell, if I were to create an introductory thread in there, I'm sure I'd get messages from users who even know who I am because they just blindly post. There should at least be a gesture to get to know a person.
Apparently it is "important to greet new users".
I agree with Deikailo, it is like just posting lol. It doesn't really have any context.
Yeah, I have to agree with Deikailo. I've tried resuming posting in taht part of the forum, I only greet members who can really spell now, or at least give a proper introduction to the members who you KNOW aren't 7 year old "storm pehasus 105bbs is an awesome combo"
I agree with you 100%, Dei. I can't tell you how many times I see the same welcome messages from the same user (not going to name names). I understand that they just want an Antique Face, as Kai-V said, but they need to start actually being productive. I really appreciate people who take the time to actually read their introduction, and make a post relevant to it, not just 'Hope you enjoy the WBO'. Tongue_out
Agreed, 11/10 times, it's just "Welcome to the WBO!", I've done it once, and when my saw my post, both above and below me were practically the same thing.
(Jul. 12, 2011  7:37 PM)Kai-V Wrote: Apparently it is "important to greet new users".
Greeting is one thing, but spamming is another. If I greet someone offline, it's with the intention of helping them or opening up a conversation. It should be no different on here. If they want to greet someone, at least be productive about it. Maybe a "hi, where are you from? What kind of Beyblades do you like and own? How did you hear about us? Oh, I see you're 21! So am I! What's your star sign?" etc.

If you read some introductory threads from 2008/2009, many users posted stuff like "Welcome to the WBO! Have you heard about Metal Fight Beyblade?" Which gets the user talking and if they haven't heard of it, other users would show them some links about the upcoming releases and what blades were out.

Greeting is important because then we can gauge what level each user is on and get them active. For example, in LVBeyPrince's intro thread, I linked her straight to the Las Vegas general thread so she can be a part of that community.

Hah, expierenced it. The only time they care is when someone posts a combo and people help. Smile
Yeah, i agree with you,dei. We just say the boring "welcome to the WBO" or the usual welcome banner. But as you see it, when we start a simple conversation, it turns into spam, which should have been sent over pm's.

People should really read their introductory PM's, some of them just ignore it and post SPAM.
One very serious issue with the "Introduce Yourself!" forum is that for some reason, I almost never get any reports from there even though there are a lot of topics that are not even introductions : newbies just make a new thread to ask if there is a tournament, how to improve their combination, how to battle, etc. It is fortunate that I sometimes find a few of those bad threads and close them because I saw them appear in the list of the five recent, active topics, but I must still be missing several.

This, for instance, never got reported :
Lol thought it was a introduction.
No it wasn't. He was asking a question about beyblades, which was to be posted in the A a Q g a A! And the B M a C! Thread.
Well, I've made my effort to make it a bit more worthwhile by asking people to link to my New User Guide with their welcome messages. That is at least something, no?

That said, people not reading the OP is annoying, but yeah, any improvement is something.
Hahaha, people who do this kind of thing annoy the hell out of me.
If you're going to post, at least have the decency to make it half helpful. .___.
Yesterday I saw someone welcoming someone who had already been banned, and at various times, I see stuff mentioned in Introductions that never get's responded to, it's ridiculous.
That said, I don't really think it has a huge effect on the rest of the forum, and it doesn't count towards anything, so I guess it's not really a huge issue.

Some forums just use a single welcome thread. That may be an idea. I've posted similar suggestions about stuff before that could be integrated, but yeah.
I could really eat those people. They are lazy when it comes to posting and cannot contribute to the WBO in any way, shape, or form, but still could at least try to ask questions like: "Are you a fan of DrigerGT's videos?", or "I like Virgo, do you?" (or in Brad's case, "CAN YOO SIGN MAH SHOO?").
(Jul. 12, 2011  7:23 PM)Kai-V Wrote: I stated many times that if it were only up to me, posts in the "Introduce Yourself!" forum would not be considered towards anybody's postcount. Obviously this issue is already known, and people who do that a lot will never get the Antique Face ...

The problem with it not counting would be that maybe people wouldn't see as much of a point to post there, so new users wouldn't get nearly as many people to welcome them. Maybe I'm just being too extreme?

Anyways, any post that doesn't have more than "Welcome!" should be considered SPAM, and the user should get a warning (I'm a culprit, too. I need to put more in).
what i find very anoying is that people just post in every single thread in the intro' forum just for the sake of post it which tbh honest they do it for the extra posts i think. If a member was to really wanting to welcome them they should say somehing unique or different say something worthwhile. Personally i post to people occionally but it is based on what theyve actually said not just for the sake of it . A member has about 3 pages of posts and the rest (which is quite alot) is all the same message in the intoductory forum. Not being funny butsome people have more than half there posts in that forum. Personally i think we should get this on the important thread as it is fairly major. Another thing is that some of the actually ask for the antique face. One thing to do is maybe lock a intro thread as soon as its made then anyone who really wants to contact them or welcome them can PM them Based on what theyve said.
In case you did not notice, we already do not give the Antique Face to those users anyway.
(Aug. 10, 2011  1:27 AM)Kai-V Wrote: In case you did not notice, we already do not give the Antique Face to those users anyway.

fair enough but still i think that we shoul lock a thread when its made in the intro thread but kee it for archival in the intro forum. And if so,meone really wants greet them they can by PMing them that way they aren't getting anymore posts arent spamming and if they REALLY care about greeting them they can by PMing
Nobody will welcome anybody then ... It is a very bad idea.
In order to investigate this problem, I made this thread:

I think this thread politely shouts "PEOPLE NEED TO PAY ATTENTION!"