Singapore Beyblade Thread | 2022-2023 UPDATED VER.


I'm hosting Singapore's first ever WBO Tournament‼️ Tap in already if you havent, details are in here
G4 this weekend again! same two locations as last week, Vivocity TRU and Tampines Mall TRU.
same prize too, Bushin Ashura (G4 ver.)
same 5G format, and session timing in the photo below!
I'll be the GM for Tampines on saturday, I'll cya there!

[Image: WBkJ8Wj.png]
[Image: EUQN0it.png]
Hi Gang!

Merry Christmas everyone! There will be NO G4 TOURNAMENT on 26 Dec.
This means now you don't need to decided whether you will be going for G4 or my WBO tournament. The answer is obvious: my tournament 🤭. and if you dont i will drag u here /j
link to tourney here:

[Image: TZOFYyb.png]

We have G3 this weekend (31 Dec and 1 Jan), to celebrate New Year! Location will be at Vivocity, Toys R Us. This time, we have a special format for the G3 event 😲

All players must draw 5 capsules before play which consist of different drivers. Drivers drawn will be incorporated in your 5G deck.
1st capsule for the 1st beyblade, 2nd capsule for 2nd beyblade, so on & so forth. It is preferred that players have assembled their 5G deck with driverless beyblades before entering to save some time.
Finals will be held on the same day. Please see the photos below for the schedule and more details!


Get yours before they are all sold out 🤭

I'm heading down there on both days as a player, hope to see yalls there!

Schedule & More Details, please click here (Click to View)

There will be no G4 tournaments in January. 😔😓

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hi everyone! been a while Smile

just checking, are there any singaporean bladers who play MFB? planning to host a Metal Fight: Limited (MFL) tournament in early march. some of us MFB bladers have been doing meetups to play MFB and practise for the upcoming MFL tourney. we have a whatsapp group chat with more than 10 people, if you are interested in playing MFB and in the area, please PM me!
Hey fellas!

I made a rankings list of Singaporean Bladers here, check it out:

Congrats to the current top 3! Ironmanbladers 360jigsaw Baelfire 🥳

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Hey fellas!

G4 tournaments will finally resume this month! We have G4 this weekend, 11 & 12 Feb.
Same 5G rules, and the prize is the G4 Glide Ragnaruk.
Session timings below. I'm the GM this weekend, hope to see yall there!

[Image: X9WS6RP.png]
[Image: 5Hyaa3a.png]
Thanks everyone for coming down to our first G4 in 2023! Been a while, and it's so fun to finally see people play Beyblade competitively again Grin

Here are some clips of battles that happened (credits to this guy on IG, please follow him there for more awesome clips of Singapore tournament clips!)

Awesome to see Wind Xcalibur played in SG as well!
G4 tournament this weekend!

Same 5G format rules, same Glide Ragnaruk 1S G4 prize.
Same location too, at Toys R Us, Vivocity.
Gonna GM this weekend, just like last week. See ya there!

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Hi fellas

No Beyblade G4 this weekend. Instead, they will be running Bottleman challenges at the same place, Vivocity Toys R Us Grin
I will be there to facilitate the Bottleman event 🖖 Free GOLD Bottleman caps when u complete the challenge.
If you are coming, see ya there!


I am hosting the very first SG Metal Fight event on 19/03 (sunday) ! more details over here
helloooo againnnnn

G4 this weekend again! Same 5G format, same prizes.
Session timings as stated in the photo attached below.
I will prolly be coming for saturday only! Not GM'ing this weekend.

hope to see yall there !!

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Hi fellas!

No Beyblade G4 this weekend again
Same thing as 2 weeks ago, Bottleman challenges will take place at the same place, Vivocity Toys R Us again Grin
Free GOLD Bottleman caps when you complete the challenges.
Not sure if I am coming this weekend, I'll double check with my schedule. If you are coming, hope you have fun!!

hey fellas, just wanna share my personal report of my experience in the first ever MFL tournament i've ever participated in 😄😄 P3C1 format, for context, Group Round Robin with 6 players in each group

First Stage: i got 3 wins, 2 losses.
i realized that i am not good with RF yet at this point, so my 3 winning combos for first stage was ->

1) Gravity D125MF (won against Benedict Yeo 's stock Ray Gil 100RSF, the recoil was too high for his bey to handle, due to Ray fusion wheel prolly. won 3:1)
2) Meteo 105W²D (Pegasiscollectr P3C1 deck had no counter to a Meteo spin stealer LMAO so it was the obvious choice for the final bey i chose. think he regretted not having an attack type in his deck for our match 😎😎 won 3:0, sorry mannnn LOL <3 🙏)
3) Gravity 100CS (ImNotLying was using Lightning L-Drago but he somehow kept missing and self-KO'd after 1-2 hits. unfortunately, he couldnt earn a point, so i won with 3:0. i was very lucky, but i believe if the tables were turned and i got unlucky, he could have easily knocked me out too since he was faster than me, and i was more uncontrollable 🥲.
was using CS because before it wears out to be passive to be used with my Flame 230, i wanted to make use of it's aggressiveness in a tournament at least 1 time 👍)

there were 3 people, including me, who got 2nd place in Group A. all 3 of us had a TB score of 1, so we did a tie breaker to see who gets the true 2nd place.

4) Gravity D125MF (against ImNotLying again, this time he wanted to play safe and picked his Flame 230CS, but little did he know i picked out my LEFT Gravity MF bey, and u know how Flame 230CS dies to left spin 💀⚰️. But it was a good match, there were times i missed the KOs and lost by outspin. i think the score was either 3:2 or 3:1, very close match 😁)
5) Meteo 105W²D (yes yes i know, spin stealing again???? it was a necessary evil. i only pick Meteo if i know that my Meteo can solo my opponent's P3C1 deck, and it did this time against NotSkitten 's deck. very close matches. The LAD of Meteo is actually so much more miserable to watch then BDr's in Burst according to my Burst friend who came LOL

my losses in first stage against MetalBurst95 and NotSkitten (aside from tiebreaker) is mainly due to my skill issue in running RF on Gravity and Lightning, nothing much to comment on this. I have not fully mastered attack types in MFL and am working on it. I mostly self-KO or just straight up miss my attack sadly 🥲. I forgot the combos they were using but it was passive defense/stamina combos i believe.

Finals [top 4; 2 from Groups A and B respectively.] i screwed up kinda badly here lol:

1) Against alright_blader
My deck has 2 attacks and 1 defense i think, but i only relied on Gravity 100RF (left). he was using pure stamina, Burn Ketos 100WD. In theory his bey was easy to knockout, but some reason, i whiffed ALOT even after both of us chose replays 💔. He didnt wanna switch out bcos he was winning; i didnt wanna switch out cos i believe this was my best bey against his deck 😵‍💫. i still lost 2:5, this is what the cool kids say: Skill Issue. 💀

2) Against MetalBurst95
Cant remember much for my match against him, but all i gotta say is he picks weird combos. Not unviable, but it amazes me how slightly off-meta his combos are! Nonetheless i whiffed this match too, lost 2:5 or something close i think. 😵‍💫
in one of the battles, I picked my Pure Defence combo, Bakushin Leone 90RSF against his right Gravity tornado staller combo, idk why i thought i would win against him with Bakushin. kinda stupid move on my part, was thinking i could knock him out by chance since its same spin (maybe got recoil ? ), but nah 😵🙅‍♂️.

Learnt alot from today's MFL tournament, i hope i can improve myself further in MFL by
1) actually mastering attack types
2) making wiser choices in finals
3) learning the different ways beys can attack and defend

thanks for reading! I had so much fun playing MFL, such a breath of fresh air compared to BST. thank you to everyone who came to my MFL tournament, i had fun battling against you fellas, and hope yall had fun too!
Super super awesome seeing MFL in Asia! Really glad it went well and can’t wait to see y’all play more!
Really enjoyed this write-up, thanks for sharing—and hey, congrats on getting 12 players for your first MFL event! How did players respond to p3c1 and deck format? How did it compare to 3v3 or 5v5? Would you consider hosting MFB Standard / Zero-G or do you think the community would prefer MFL? And if the latter, I'd be curious why!

Apologies for all the questions—it's just not every day that we get to hear about the asia community's perception of WBO formats firsthand Smile
thank u fellas!

(Mar. 22, 2023  5:19 AM)The Supreme One Wrote: Really enjoyed this write-up, thanks for sharing—and hey, congrats on getting 12 players for your first MFL event! How did players respond to p3c1 and deck format? How did it compare to 3v3 or 5v5? Would you consider hosting MFB Standard / Zero-G or do you think the community would prefer MFL? And if the latter, I'd be curious why!

Apologies for all the questions—it's just not every day that we get to hear about the asia community's perception of WBO formats firsthand Smile

Most players are fine with P3C1, but sometimes dont like being stuck with the same bey in a confirmed losing matchup. i would run 3on3 but it requires a bit more effort/attention on the judges part (im not the only one judging), since most MFB people here have zero official competition knowledge, i think it's best to stick with P3C1. (but i will consider 3on3 along the way, even for BST) I have not run 3on3 or 5G in WBO before, so i cant really compare. (tho i do not like the idea of playing 5G in MFL)

for deck format, they generally like it, as it involves more thinking rather then being stuck with the same bey/order like in P3C1/3on3. and the opportunity to replay ensures its not just a lucky win. but there are some who didnt like deck format cos it was a bit long and "draggy" if the opponent keeps replaying, but i have mentioned that the opponent has to lose in order to replay the same beys (hence its in the winner's favor if they keep losing and replaying).

btw the compilation of clips during the MFL tournament is uploaded here!
i posted this multiple times elsewhere, but for the sake of archival in this specific thread, here is the link:
I have some surprise for yall this weekend...

are yall ready for it?

try to guess it!

here we go...

this weekend...

we will be having G4! wow what who would have guessed 😭

Same prize and same 5G format!
session timings in the photo attached

I'm GM'ing this weekend, hope to see yall there! 💀

[Image: m0mk5Ol.png]

No G4 this weekend, Bottleman will take its place as usual


There will be an ATTACK G3 Tournament next weekend! More details will be released next week.
I'm very excited to see how it'll turn out 🤩
Definitely gonna try to participate hehe
[Image: ukRpLaw.png]

G3 ATTACK FORMAT is happening this weekend(8-9 April 2023)!!
Rules are simple. 3on3 format (not 5G), with only ATTACK drivers allowed!
+ EVENT EXCLUSIVE Bakuten Shoot V2 Anniversary Set for $109.99 each! Limited stock
More details in the spoiler below 😁

there are lots of interesting attack drivers that can be used for this situation, im very excited to see how battles can turn out! hopefully there will be lesser LAD battles, but we all know it is impossible to fully eliminate LAD 😵‍💫
I will be GM'ing this weekend, hope to see you guys there!

[Image: Jty2Ml3.png]
Click here for more details (Click to View)
G3 Attack tournament is over!
Thank you fellas so much for attending. Been a wonderful weekend of judging wild and intense battles 🤩.
Hope to see more Attack battles in the future honestly, lesser boring, long battles and more fun, short battles 😅
Seen a lot of very different attack combos, from LAD, to defensive/anti-attack, and pure Attack combos.. very interesting indeed

Here are the photos for the top 3 of Saturday and Sunday:
Winning combo list for Saturday top 16:
Winning combo list for Sunday top 16:

Full video footage of finals here!

Saturday (Day 1):


Sunday (Day 2):

hey fellas!

just wanna share, Beyblade made it to Singapore National TV again! 🔥🤩
watch it here: (skip to 14:52) 🖖
thank you to Mediacorp for giving us the opportunity to promote Beyblade to a wider audience 💯🙏
hi guys, G4 this weekend!!!!!!! yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
same 5G format, same location (Toys R Us @ Vivocity)
same prize too, & session timings in the photo attached.

Not coming dis weekend bcos i'll be celebrating Eid al-Fitr. Eid Mubarak! See yall next week

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