Singapore Beyblade Thread | 2022-2023 UPDATED VER.

(Sep. 22, 2022  9:16 PM)@ya.dama Wrote: G4 this weekend!
Same prize, same 5G format, same loads of fun.
Going as a GM this weekend, hope to see ya there!

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Hi, I am from overseas but my wife is in Spore now & I am wondering where are the best places or websites where she can buy beyblade parts (2nd hand etc websites) or new beyblade sets, launchers ef the latest 00 long string launchers, DB etc stadiums, other latest random booster but be able to choose the bey rather than get it randomly?
(Sep. 24, 2022  7:08 AM)TCBlading Wrote:
(Sep. 22, 2022  9:16 PM)@ya.dama Wrote: G4 this weekend!
Same prize, same 5G format, same loads of fun.
Going as a GM this weekend, hope to see ya there!

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Hi, I am from overseas but my wife is in Spore now & I am wondering where are the best places or websites where she can buy beyblade parts (2nd hand etc websites) or new beyblade sets, launchers ef the latest 00 long string launchers, DB etc stadiums, other latest random booster but be able to choose the bey rather than get it randomly?

The official (and cheapest) places to buy Beyblades from are Toys R Us, Kiddy Palace, Isetan, Metro, OG etc. (big departmental stores basically). The official website to buy Beyblades online is The

For 2nd hand parts, i recommend the Carousell app, it's an app where people in Singapore sell their second hand goods like beyblades. sellers usually meet up with buyers to deal or they may choose postage too. Just make sure you're buying authentic Beyblade parts by looking at the listing carefully.
Some Carousell sellers may also do pre-order for the latest beyblades in Japan. That is because in Singapore, the official release of new beys in stores are slightly later than Japan, and some buyers want to get the new beys a.s.a.p so they pay a higher fee for that service of getting it quicker.

I also recommend this shopee store for cheap spare parts and launchers here (i bought from the store before, 100% authentic)

Hope this helps! feel free to PM me if u need any assistance Smile
Tks v much for the suggestions, my friend there rec9mmend Toa Payoh station Kiddy Palace but when my wife got there the obly beyblade product there was Xiphoid set which was abt $35 I dunno if that is a good price just told her to buy it. I looked at your shopee link might contact seller. A few days ago I checked Carousel but not using an app just browser, I could only see the listings but when click on individual item to see more detail the page doesn't load. Will get wife to check dept stores too.
All official dept shops i listed have same prices, so $35 is as good as it can get.
Not sure why the carousell website on browser doesnt load, might need to use the app for that.
Here are some clips from last weekend's G4! It was pretty lively and I saw more bursts and KOs than usual :)

Important news!

G4 this weekend as usual! same 5G format.
However, the prize has reverted back to Glide Ragnaruk 1S (G4 Black Ver.)

Session timing has changed. To prevent sessions from overruning into the next session, we have changed the session timing to 12:30pm, 1:45pm, 4:10pm & 5:25pm.

Reminder that new parts from RB 30 are still not legal as they are not officially released in Singapore yet. (Wind Knight, Moon, Bounce and High Wave')

Also, there will be no G4 tournament the following weekend on 8 Oct and 9 Oct as there will be a a special event for Children age 12 and below in celebration for Children's Day. Will update when news get released!

See yall this weekend! Comin as a player, most likely :D

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Almight looking really good in the combos
(Sep. 25, 2022  3:38 PM)@ya.dama Wrote: All official dept shops i listed have same prices, so $35 is as good as it can get.
Not sure why the carousell website on browser doesnt load, might need to use the app for that.

Tks Yasin, I sent u a private message with some more Qs abt where to shop for certain items, hear from u when u r able to respond, tks
For Children's Day this weekend (7 to 9 Oct), we will be having a Beyblade Children Day Challenge, which is open to children aged 12 and below.

It will be in King of the Hill format.
Players queue up, and the first two players fight for 1 round.
Winner stays, loser requeues.
Winner has to stay with the same bey throughout (update: current Singapore G4 rules apply. spin direction has to be fixed before reveal, but all other mode changes are allowed after reveal.

1x win - 1 Random Beyblade part
3x wins in a row - 1 Random Beyblade part
5x wins in a row - FREE 5G Beyblade Deck Box

Players who have won the Random Beyblade parts may requeue again to try and win 5x more in a row to obtain the 5G Beyblade Deck Box.
Players who have won the 5G Beyblade Deck Box are NOT ALLOWED TO TAKE PART AGAIN FOR THE DAY.

I will be the GM for this weekend. I hope to see more attack combos around cos attack beys can counter virtually almost any combo xD. cya there fellas!

[Image: bTzQPXN.png]
UPDATE: We will be sticking with the current Singapore G4 rules for the Children's Day Challenge.
This means changing spin direction is only allowed before reveal. All other mode changes are allowed after reveal. Players can also change spin direction after every win when facing the next opponent (please do it discreetly so there will be no conflict of "he saw me change spin, not fair!!")

Sorry for the confusion.

Here are some tips I can provide for this weekend's Children's Day Challenge! Good luck bladers :D

[Image: ULhT9Wl.png]

PSA: Hello Kitty Beyblade is now open for pre-order!

Special pre-order happening for this weekend (7 - 9 Oct). Only happening from 12pm to 6pm, at Toys 'R' Us, Vivocity.

How to order?

1. Collect the pre-order form from the GM in charge.
2. Proceed to make your purchase & take a Delay Collection Tag from Toys 'R' Us counter.
3. Return the TOP PART of the form to our GMs.
4. You will be informed through SMS once it is ready for collection.

Tentatively, collection will be after 17 Oct 2022 at Toys 'R' Us, Vivocity, during G4.


[Image: fFvgk8C.png]

Also, our official distributor has shed some light about possible events for the end of 2022!
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The Children's Day event was really fun to GM! thank you all for taking part in the Beyblade Children's Day Challenge Smile
Saw a lot of new young Bladers trying out Beyblade for their first time. I recommended Greatest Raphael (GRP) to newer bladers as it was a really good starter bey. In fact, there was a number of Bladers who used stock GRP to win 5 times in a row!

Looking forward to future events. Hope all had fun 😊🎉

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can't wait for G4 this weekend👍

The rules regarding mode changing have been updated! From this weekend onwards (15-16 Oct), all mode changes (including spin direction) is allowed AFTER reveal.

The definition of Dual-spin layer has also been updated. A layer is classified as dual spin ONLY if it can perform spin direction change.  Hence, as of currently, we are following Japan WBBA's ruling very closely. Layers such as Astral Valkyrie or Guilty Achilles (for example) is no longer considered Dual-spin because while it contains a Dual-spin part, it is physically incapable of changing spin directions.

This will be interesting to see how the current meta would change. I hope you're ready this weekend!

G4 will continue this weekend as per usual, with the new rules in place!
Same prize, same 5G format and the session timings are in the photo below.
See you all! Coming as a player, most likely only Saturday.

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(Oct. 12, 2022  4:28 AM)Pegasiscollectr Wrote: can't wait for G4 this weekend👍

new rules in place :') instead of dual spin LAD, i want to try dual spin Attack using Zest Achilles Nx+S Xtreme'
1) Zest is inconsistent, sometimes it can deliver good blows, sometimes cannot, also very subjective cos i know you can pull it off, not me tho
2) my Achilles core has its locking mechanism failing alrd, so instead of 3 teeth locked i can only go max 2 teeth.

in other words, shag lah 🤷‍♂️
UPDATE: B-202 and B-203 (RB 30 Wind Knight and Ultimate Fusion DX set) is coming out next week!! most likely in the same day 😲
[Image: sItu7vt.png][Image: vdNlg3M.png]
PSA: B-202 and B-203 are OUT THIS WEEK!!

Check your nearest toy store to see if they're released already! they may take a day or two to roll out 🤩 grab yours now before they're sold out!

[Image: q97IXi2.png]
G4 this weekend as usual! Finally, B-202 & B-203 can be used in G4! I bought 2 sets of B-203s and 2 sets of Wind Kerbeus 🥲 2 much money gone hahaha

Same prize, same 5G format! see ya there fellas

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Last weekend was so fun! Got to see newly released beys battling in the arena. A lot of people trying to use Super and King variants as attack combos, and also a couple of bladers were also trying the H-Gear on Divine Belial3. There was one or two using the new Hello Kitty beyblade as well! veri epic 😎

I was trying out Xplosion on Guilty Longinus Fortress Xplosion, the driver was pretty aighttt, personally i could only make it work on Guilty tho lol. it worked at home during my casual plays, however somehow in G4 i couldn't make it work Unhappy it keeps losing everytime, oh well 🥲

Here are some highlights of last week! (remember credits to @sg_beyblade on Instagram)


G4 this weekend as per usual!
you know the drill, same prize, same 5G format, and session timings are in the photo attached below

coming as a GM this weekend! hope to see y'alls there Grin

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G4 this weekend as per usual!
You know the drill: Same prizes, same 5G format, session timing listed in the photo below.

Coming as a player! i wanna try using Xplosion, been loving the driver a lot recently. it occasionally out-LADs Bearing' on opposite spin!! solid A- tier driver for me imo... but hey, self-testing isnt enough. confirmation bias comes a lot into play, let's see how it does in G4 😎

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G3 is happening for the next two weekends! This weekend for 13 and above, and next weekend for 6 - 12 y/o. More info in the photos below.

I'm so excited! This is gonna be much more competitive for the adults, and kids get a chance to enter a tournament within a smaller age range.
I'll definitely be joining as a player this weekend. When there are more updates i'll definitely put it down here.
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It's a wrap for the Adults Category for G3! It was so fun to participate in a more competitive environment. However, even with 5 out of 8 chances I got, I still couldn't make it into the finals Unhappy for a few of the sessions, i almost made it to the end of the qualifying, but always got knocked out at the very last match. was pretty bummed but it's aight, we move 🤩

Here were the finalist matchups and the top 3 winners!

[Image: ks00ZpO.png]
[Image: POOmEdN.jpg]

Imma upload pics of my combo later when im home Smile

p.s. my friend WindCloudBlader has compiled clips to make a highlight video of the G3 event here! please check it out, credits of clips goes to my other friend on instagram!!

these were my beyblade combo decks for G3.
for the 5 out of 8 sessions i entered, i rotated around these 2 decks only, whenever i felt like it (i dont even know how to describe why i rotated tbh, if i feel like it, after i lose and i got a slot in the next session ill just change to the other deck)
they both did pretty well, it was always the last match of the session to determine the qualifier for the finals that i somehow lose. one time, the score was 1-1, and the opponent's Roar combo KO'd my Xiphoid as when i was about to die, giving her 2 points instead of 1 (KOs are 2 points here), and i was hella shocked 😲. mannn 💔💔

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[Image: 7QeGNw4.jpg]

(Nov. 16, 2022  1:23 PM)elegantradiator Wrote: How much Standard Stadium and DB stadium cost in your country SG guys??

Standard: SGD 24.95
DB: SGD 27.95
Hey fellas!

G3 is finally over! what a hectic but fun weekend it was Grin it was awesome seeing so many talented bladers fight it to the top. I would like to share the top 3 winners for both G3 Adults and G3 Kids category here (from 3rd to 1st)

G3 Adults: Top 3 (Click to View)
G3 Kids: Top 3 (Click to View)
Here are also the combos for the top 3 finalists (from 3rd to 1st)

G3 Adults: Top 3 combos (Click to View)
[spoiler=G3 Kids: Top 3 combos]
[Image: BXsHeat.png]

I hope everyone had fun! Thank you to all who came and made this such an enjoyable time. For now we're back to G4 tournaments Grin

I would also like to take this chance to share that the footage of finals for both G3 Kids and Open (adults) category are uploaded to Youtube, by an anonymous Blader. Please check them out here:
G3 Adults finals:
G3 Kids finals:
Special announcement!

Hey fellas! We're back from the 1 week break, and this weekend we will have G4 tournaments at TWO locations 🔥

G4 will be at at Toys R Us, Tampines Mall and Toys R Us, Vivocity.

The prize will be the G4 Glide Ragnaruk (G4 Black Ver.) for Tampines Mall, and Bushin Ashura (G4 Limited Ver.) for Vivocity!
Same 5G format, and the session timings are listed in the photo attached.
The GM for Tampines Mall is your very own beyblader101! I hope to see you guys there 😎

[Image: hPXN7Af.png]
G4 this weekend again! just like last week, we have two locations, Vivocity Toys R Us & Tampines Mall Toys R Us Grin
same 5G format, and the prize this time for both places will be the Bushin Ashura G4 ver.!
(apologies for last weekend, there was issues with the prize. so the prize given out for Tampines Mall last weekendwas freaking GOLD Brave Solomon 1D which was rarer than the normal G4 and even G3 prizes LOL)
session timing below 🖖
won't be GM-ing this weekend, i will be playing Saturday only most likely, hope to see you there!
remember, no repeated parts, including armor please Grin
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