Singapore Beyblade Thread | 2022-2023 UPDATED VER.

Hey fellasss

There will be a BDr-less WBO Burst tournament hosted by me on the 30th of April (Sunday). This time, we will be playing an unranked Burst Standard (BST) tournament with BDr (& MBD) drivers being banned for this event. This is to experiment in a meta where BDr does not exist, and to let other Stamina drivers shine in an environment where it will not get outclassed by BDr.

BDr (& MBD) is known to be an oppressive and dominant Stamina driver in BST. It covers both same & opposite spin very well, leading to a decreased diversity of Stamina drivers since BDr outclasses almost every other Stamina drivers in the game due to the ground BDr covers. Banning it for this event will hopefully increase the diversity of choices of Stamina drivers, because now there are different Stamina drivers for different purposes, each with their own sets of pros and cons.

Here is a picture of all the competitive stamina drivers that can be used in this event, with the absence of BDr (& MBD) drivers. (picture by th!nk, sent in the WBO discord):

This is the link to the tournament page (
Hope to see you at the event! Good luck to everyone attending Grin
I found the random layer with dread Bahamut just chilling on a shelf at vivo today.
I dunno if it's worth bringing up
(Apr. 22, 2023  9:20 AM)p0l1w4g06 Wrote: I found the random layer with dread Bahamut just chilling on a shelf at vivo today.
I dunno if it's worth bringing up

yep! they restocked RB 25, 26, 27 and the Dread Bahamut random layer collection since last week (i presume it is the last batch left in the store room in Vivocity TRU)
hey fellas

Same G4 this weekend!
same 5G format and prizes, and you can see the session timings down below.

I'll be GM-ing on Saturday! hope to see yall there 🤩

Hey fellas!

We do not have any beyblade events this weekend.

But, great news!
There will be a 2v2 Team challenge event in the Big Beystadium next weekend! It'll be similar to the ones we have previously, but this time each player will have 3 beyblades (parts can be repeated with your buddy's deck, but not within your own deck). All 4 players will launch at the same time. Full rules attached below Grin

The prize will be the bronze, silver and gold grips!

I'll probably be attending as a GM! I hope to see yalls there next weekend Grin remember to sign up a.s.a.p (link in the Facebook Page), the slots are limited!

The 2v2 team event was such a blast! Stamina battles ended getting interesting bcos witnessing 4 beyblades battle it out, anything can happen. Funny KOs and Bursts happen once in a while, was exciting to see LOL. I would like to thank everyone for coming down and participating in the event. I hope everyone had fun! 😁

Congratulations to the top 3 winning teams of Saturday and Sunday for getting to the top!

Pictures of top 3 teams in the respective days here:

The prize for each player in one winning team is:
  • Bronze/Silver/Gold Grip
  • Beyblade Gloves
  • Z Achilles layer (Crimson Ver.)
  • Metal Bearing Drift Driver!
Really good prizes! Hope the winners are satisfied hehe Wink
with that said, effective immediately, MBD driver is legal for use in Singapore WBBA tournaments!
Good news!

Hi fellasss

Good news! We will be having the Parent and Child Tag-team tournament on 17 & 18 June.
The pair must be Parent and Child!
However, this will be the last Tag Team tourney in Burst series 💔.
Full details in photo attached.

Won't be coming as I'll be travelling during the June holidays. I hope y'all have fun!

[Image: YgQ5wVL.png]
Hi fellas!

been a while since i posted anything. was on holiday during mid-June so i couldn't really find time to post anything here. but i will update with what yall missed!

First of all, the family tag-team tournament event in the Big Bey Stadium has concluded! Congrats to the winners who walked away with the two gold/silver/bronze grips, some unidentified freebies and also TWO Metal Bearing Drift drivers per team!
Tournament info here:
Photos of winners here:

Second of all, Big News!!!
Beyblade X will be officially released in Singapore in NOVEMBER 2023!! I can't wait, oh my goodness that is really quick! considering the MFB-Burst hiatus was a few years, the Burst-BeyX hiatus is only a few months! 😱😱

[Image: Lwr1yHO.png]

Third of all, the last Beyblade Burst tournament in Singapore will be a G3 tournament held this weekend 🥲🥲. I will definitely miss and cherish the memories of Burst tournaments I have. Started since 2017, it has been a very good 7 years of competitive Beyblading. Seen so many people come and go, I'm glad I picked up this hobby again 💞

The G3 tournament will be walk-ins only, same 5G format, and there will be finals on Saturday and Sunday for top 3 each day. But this time, it will be held in a mysterious stadium 🤭🫣! See the pictures below for more details like session timings and prizes.

I can't wait to reveal the mysterious stadium tomorrow. Would be electrifying ⚡! I will be the GM this weekend, see ya there 🖖

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hey !!!!!

been a while since i last updated this thread. been very busy with my life but i promise i haven't forgotten about y'all (the 2 and a half people keeping tabs on this thread).

i've hosted 2 tournaments back to back on 15 and 16 July, MFL and BGT events respectively. i will talk more about it soon when i'm free ; ]

just wanna update that our official online Beyblade store, Toymana, is having a sale from 15 August - 30 September. all Beyblade Burst products will get a 15% discount! while stocks last (will not last more than a week or two, i bet LOL) so get your Burst products before Beyblade X comes in...

NOVEMBER !! that's right, November is the confirmed date for the release of Beyblade X in Singapore! no more hints and speculation, it has been confirmed by Takara Tomy Asia's Instagram page 😇 can't wait to get my hands on them, already so jealous that the western Bladers already copped their BeyX stuff and playing with them 🙄 it will be our turn soon...

i'll see y'all soon! let me finish my goddamn homework first LOL

[Image: 2F5RAvS.png]

[Image: PAOMHSM.png]