Shu Kurenai discussion

Ok... I know all you people like Shu as a character and not as a possible mate, so I’m here for a discussion about this character you all know and love (not as a mate). Talk anything about Shu except if you wanna bash him. Those can be theories, character development, etc. Anyway, I would like to hear all your thoughts on Shu Kurenai. Btw, who even hates Shu? That’s it for Beyblade for the breif introduction. Have fun and bey away.
i personally love shu, he had so much character development and he did anything to become number 1, even tho he was basically manipulated into being red eye and possessed by spriggan causing him to be bad lol
Yeah. Shu is one of my favorite characters. He's awesome and super strong. He also has really cool character design like that scar from regionals on his right eye. And his hair seems to grow longer with each season of bey blader burst XD
Question. Who here love the new Cho-Z Spriggan