Selling MFB || HMS || Burst || and MORE !!

Added HMS
Hey, Nickien. Just asking, do you have Samurai Pegasis and/or Bandid Goriem?

If you have them. I will buy em right now (lol looking for them from long time and they are last beys i need in my MFB collection)
I won these two lots. I can give them for the following price (shipping excluded. I paid the national shipping) 2 x Dragoon MS NIB - 200$ 1 x Advance Eterner MS, 1 x Dragoon MS, 1 x Advance Guardian MS, 1 x Driger MS - 150$
Brothers, i was looking for a tab.
If anyone can help me buy this tablet I will give you 2 x Dragoon MS beys
I want to buy a meteo L drago if you still have one. Please send invoice to
(Oct. 01, 2016  3:50 PM)UBC Wrote: I want to buy a meteo L drago if you still have one. Please send invoice to

Hi. Yes I do have a meteo l drago

By the way, its written in the first post of this thread
I can accept payment only via zenmarket.

Perhaps you can try that once ? Send me a private message and we can carry further on
i have more blades for sale, PM me friends
Selling more blades. Message me bladers Grin
Do u have dranzer GT or dragoon GT for sale im based in india too
Sorry but I have to leave a NEGATIVE feedback for this seller.
I ordered one storm pegasus and two meteo ldragos on January and the seller said they were AVAILABLE.
It was $15 each and there was an agreement that I didnt need to pay till I got the stuff.
Meanwhile I paid $20 on February as the seller requested.
Unfortunately I was told nothing until Ashton Pinto informed me early this month that the Ldragos were not available.

Sellers are strongly recommended to check the stock before promising to sell the beys.
It was an unpleasant purchasing experience I have never faced throughout my beyblading life.

Added new beys..
Check the first post of my thread 

Beyblade Legends & Zero G - 20$ Each
Added discounts
Selling lots of HMS and MFB

10% off till this coming 30th April .. PM soon