[Selling]  Best God/ChouZetsu deals on eBay

This isn't worth it at all, but it's the only legit one that I could find on eBay. https://www.ebay.com/itm/TAKARA-TOMY-BEY...SwjMtcAQWR

This seller usually has individual parts, but only has the Royal King version of czS.

Through this thread (thank you to leosama and all contributors) I feel more comfortable navigating ebay for beyblades.

However, I am looking to get a B-09/B-33 (or similar) Beystadium OR the B-136 GT Entry Set (please let me know if there's a separate thread I should go to). Through my searches I saw there was a seller named 'veesang' that seemed to be good at having standard beystadiums but it seems that seller does not have them anymore at this time.

I was able to search for B-09/B-33 and B-136 but I was unable to get a hit on google of anyone on WBO vouching for any of the sellers I am seeing.

Would anyone be able to help me review this seller? davantistudio (seems to have B-09 and B-136) >LINK<

If it turns out that they may not be legit, would anyone be able to offer some help in locating a reputable seller for at least B-09/B-33?