[Report] (LTD & STD) Blade Breaking into the Zoo!

Official event thread
We had 2 tournaments Sunday. We did limited and standard formats no zero-g.

Where it all started: Around Christmas break, I spent time searching West Michigan looking for an indoor location, I have not had luck in the past with this. I found a comic/sportscard store that did gaming with very high reviews and called them. They asked me to send an email with details about what we're all about. I used a slightly modified rule list I got from Naijalak's CT Bladers site, that I also used on the Michigan Beyblade Facebook page, that gave a good general description about the tournaments. I included a youtube video I did of a tournament we did last year at a comic book store in Detroit. It took them a few weeks to get back to me and say ok we can do one in the future. this was early January. They said only sundays. I told them Jan 26 which was the week before the Super Bowl, they then said that was booked already and gave me some dates available. So then I choose today Feb 9th the weekend after the SB as I wanted to have it soon but a date that bladers would actually be willing to come to.

Sunday: So the weather has been horrible in Michigan as it has in much of Northern America this year. Yuko and Fang had to bail due to the weather which was very understandable, there have been some horrific car accidents on 94 from Detroit to Chicago which is part of the stretch they'd have to travel.
We got there and a few new bladers came in right with us. They drove down all the way from Traverse City, which had to be about a 4 hour drive! I looked at some of their stuff and both of them had a rapidity blade each so I explained to them and their parents about the fact those were illegal and what to look for. Most of their stuff was also more suited for the limited format. I asked everybody if it was alright that we did the Limited first when we were planning on doing the Standard first and everybody agreed thinking they were going to leave when that was done. So I went through the rulebook and ban list as there were a lot of bladers not very familiar with the ban list it took a little bit of time.

LTD Tournament: Registration was done at 12:30 got started about 12:45ish. We had 9 bladers + a judge in Madoka's Spirit who wasn't playing, and used 3 stadiums. There were a few times we only had 2 battles going simultaneously when we had judges battling each other and needed another judge so the one battle had 3 judges involved and we just didn't have enough to judge other battles. The two new bladers were a little overwhelmed it seemed but had good attitudes and the sister Carley did very well in limited. I had to explain to them about using different combinations and how certain parts worked better with others, where they were both using stock beys. The tables seemed a bit slick and the stadiums were sliding around a bit with attack beys. Next time I will have to figure out something to put under them when we go to an indoor event like this.
The event itself went very well. Snoop/Shining Dog and Wyatt V2 manhandled everybody, I think there was one loss against each other between the two, with Trickstar20 taking the 3rd spot into the finals. We had combos from forbidden stryiker W105R2F to MSF-H DK Wyvang ch120rf. Then the finals started and Wyatt made one of those as I call over thinking moments and switched to a mf-h Pegasis combo and lost to Trickstar. Trickstar then was able to beat Dog, making the final battle a battle for second which both bladers whipped out F230GCF combos. Snoop used Dark Knight and Wyatt had Dragoon on top. Wyatt was able to get some KO's to claim second. We got done about 2:10 Total time ~1:25
1st: Trickstar20
2nd: Wyatt V2
3rd: Snoop Dog MS

Standard: Towards the end of the limited there were actually a few parents talking about leaving before the standard, so I got it started quickly and with Madoka's Spirit and Wyatt V2's help kept the battles at each stadium rotating very well. We managed to talk our new bladers into staying I gave them each a synchrome combo to use if they wanted. So we had the same 9 bladers.
Once again Wyatt V2 and Shining Snoop Dog MS dominated, this time Wyatt V2 got the head to head win in the round robin. And just like his last tournament we did in Illinois he wasn't shy about which bey he was going to use, MSF-H Wyvang^2 ch120RF going against Revizer Killerken/Dragoon BD145RDF combos and anything else others attempted and went 8-0 into the finals. I chose to match his combo with Wyvang^2 myself and he beat me 3-1, keeping me out of 3rd place in the final round of round robin. So Wyatt and Dog entered in 1st and 2nd, then FangDestroy was able to get in with a 5-3 record.
Finals, Fang was able to defeat Dog in the first round of the finals. Then Wyatt did not overthink his bey selection as he did in the Limited, and both bladers used the same beys they did in their round robin battle. Wyvang ^2 verses Revizer Dragoon BD145RDF. This time though Fang was able to escape the hits just enough to win 3-2. Once again the blader entering the finals in 3rd place wins the tournament. Then was the battle between the 2 bladers who had the best overall day again without the tournament win. And once again Wyatt was able to defeat Snoop Dog, who now went 0-4 in the finals for the day, or as he was calling it pulling a shining. With the emphasis on keep stadiums in use we were able to KO this tournament in what has to be record time. With the Limited finishing at around 2:10 and a little time to get adjusted in between, we were done with the Standard at 3:34 Total time ~ 1:20
1st: FangDestroy
2nd: Wyatt V2
3rd: Snoop Dog MS

Wyatt V2 and Snoop Dog, even with their failures in the finals their overall records for the day were quite impressive with Wyatt V2 going 17-3 and Snoop Dog MS going 15-5 for their total records for the 2 tournaments. With me going a less than satisfactory 8-8 I'd love to have those days!
Event went real well and I'm pretty sure we're welcomed back to Fanfare whenever they have an opening in their gaming area!
Event total time from Registration to finish of 2 tournaments 3:34
That's pretty quick for two events. Glad it went well! Hopefully spring break I can make it up there for one.

What all did you say to them about LTD? I need a good way to explain it all to a few bladers close to me.
(Feb. 10, 2014  9:26 PM)PRO SEAGULL Wrote: What all did you say to them about LTD? I need a good way to explain it all to a few bladers close to me.
Nothing too much. Explained to the two new bladers that there is a big weight difference between what is competitive in Limited and Standard. and went through the ban list. We wont be doing limited next time. I feel it's a fad that's wearing out and many of the bladers would have rather done a Zero-G tournament.
A fad that's wearing out? Do Michigan Bladers not like participating in the fairest format in the game?
(Feb. 10, 2014  10:17 PM)*Ginga* Wrote: A fad that's wearing out? Do Michigan Bladers not like participating in the fairest format in the game?
To each there own, what you call fair we call boring. And I'm confused how it is any more fair than any other format... But we haven't done much Zero-G in Michigan at all and i think it's time to move forward instead of backwards.

In terms of one being more fair than the other, I beg to differ:
Top 5 for both formats there was only one blader different from being included in the top 5 or out. top 2 were the exact same in Round Robin play.
Considering Limited was announced only a short time ago, I don't see how it's wearing out, haha.
The topics for it are booming and the testing/combinations are endless, at this point.

The only issue may be the fact that they did, indeed, want a Zero-G event, rather than Limited.
Maybe in the future, try a Zero-G and Limited; it worked pretty well for Year of the Bey.

It's not necessarily moving backwards, as everything except (the majority of) 4D's and Synchrom's aren't allowed. All other parts are; back in Standard, Samurai Wyvang GB145 R2F would have been horrible, but in Limited, it can shine.

It seems to be more fair as there aren't really any overpowered combinations or parts, as there are in the other formats. The fairness has nothing to do with who places; it simply refers to the fact that there aren't too many overpowered parts.
Any specific reasons for it being boring to you guys? Every bit of feedback helps. Sad to hear it didn't go over well, but perhaps they just wanted a Zero-G tournament today instead.

As for how it's fairer, it mostly refers to the type balance for tournaments being kept more even (i.e. attack being more viable to make up for the fact it is harder to use) as well as perhaps having a wider range of viable parts than Standard/ZG due to the lighter and generally more even weights and more conservative shapes (that's the aim as I recall it, though of course I'm not sure if that's actually an aim for those who call the shots), though I haven't done a count yet and it's hard to say whether certain synchromes are significantly different from others to count as something entirely different (i.e. Dragooon Spin-Stealers). A lot of the competitive parts are also quite cheap and in Australia, where we only got the variares destroyer dome pack thing from metal fury as the last actual beyblade release here, it is significantly fairer to a lot of people than Standard/Zero-G, though in the US that's not really the case.

There are other discussions about Limited's future to be had that might help with it potentially becoming stale, though, so don't discount it entirely. Of course personally I hope that it was good enough gameplay-wise that Michigan might be interested in playing it again in future either way - unless an area really likes a particular format, it's generally a good idea to vary things up especially now with a lack of new releases.
Wow, you guys really didn't enjoy it?

I personally prefer it, even over Standard. I absolutely love it. Perhaps it was the range of combinations used?

If you toss loads of Attack types in there, it always makes things more interesting. From the winning combos, though, it looks like at least SDMS used some pretty aggressive customs.

Perhaps it was the fact that the players wanted ZRG, yah. I could see that. I myself have been in such situations, begging for Standard after Zero-G for six months straight, LOL.
You guys are blowing this way up. Nobody said we didn't enjoy it.
Lots of bladers came unprepared for it even though it was set for nearly a month. Boring combos w bad parts and it was just a bit boring that is all. Yet we had some Zero-G stadiums that they couldn't keep their beys out of instead of working on combos. That is all maybe they just dont like to plan things out or maybe they would have preferred Zero-G