Recent Eats (ELABORATE!)

i also just had chocolate mint
it came in a mix box
Sliced fish and chicken on rice in a hot pot. So good..
Hmm.. thought I would contribute again I just ate some Viet food no idea what's it called in english but there's some shrimp cracker that you can dip in the soup Tongue_out Pretty good
more tacos! XD and riceAngry
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Hm, I'm thinking we should probably have more qualitative posts instead of just listing what you just ate. It just seems like this thread will be filled with spam otherwise, no pun intended.
Should I ask Kai-V if I can implement rules on this?
(Aug. 19, 2010  2:36 AM)GeneralHawx Wrote: Should I ask Kai-V if I can implement rules on this?
Hm, what kind of elaboration do you want ? Just saying how they liked it ?

Also, you can ask anybody on the staff, hah.
HAHA, I was thinking of only allowing users to post once a day and three times a week at most that way it isn't cluttered. I should really start talking to the rest of the staff, thanks Smile
That is slightly more difficult to moderate though ... Especially since days on this forum resemble weeks sometimes.

In my opinion, it is fine if they post once every day, because there are at least three meals, or more in some countries. And, in a sense, somebody could have the right to post that they just ate a Big Mac, however if that is a basis of their nutrition, they should know not to post everyday about it. The lasting impression will be that that member eats Big Macs in both cases, so it is better to take the shorter way and only post once anyway.

Hm, that statement gave a lot more laziness to people who eat Big Macs than I really intended ...
Well... other than plane food from American Airlines, my last meal was at Spago at the Four Seasons Maui. My meal consisted of:

Kobe beef bolognese with angel hair pasta
Hawaiin Monchong served with carmalized oninon and mushrooms
Chocolate truffle cake with Kona coffe ice cream
Dragon Crisp Gen Mai Cha tea
(and of course about a glass of the half bottle of very expensive white wine for the table)

Being in Maui for 10 nights my family ate out almost every night at some fancy restaurant... but Spago was definitely the best (and also the priciest...)
I just ate a waffle with syrup...with a spoon at 430. I find them more better in the afternoon than in the morning. Eee One of those little frozen waffles that you pop into the toaster. Well anyways I had waffles.

Thanks Aqua for reminding me what a toaster is.
(Aug. 19, 2010  10:57 PM)Akel Wrote: I just ate a waffle with syrup...with a spoon at 430. I find them more better in the afternoon than in the morning. Eee One of those little frozen waffles that you pop into the....what is it called? Um... those things where you put bread into and it becomes toast. Well anyways I had waffles.

A toaster...? LOL
Dunno why, but tonight I had a sudden urge to eat Yoshinoya's Beef and Chicken Rice.
And so, I went down to the local Yoshinoya branch and bought a 'meal' home, haha.
I'm eating it right now while typing, yummy... XD
That looks awesome I just notice i repeat what I eat except for the fact that I ate Life Cereal this morning. 1 up lol
There are tons of Yoshinoya in Japan; they are godly indeed. I had salmon sashimi tonight from salmon that I caught with my hands today.
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johnny's burgers any torontonian should know this place...... isaw it on the news once as one of the wonders of toronto or something
It´s not new for me this plate, but I like very much, because is very special in the mexican food, but not well-knowed as tacos which aren´t like Taco Bell´s tacos (because they only fold a tostada, and they add a lot of greasy things; [and that isn´t mexican food]).

The plate that I´m trying to refer is the "mole", which is a prepared plate where there are chocolate, chili, chincken, ajonjoli and etc..., if you've never eaten, never has reached the heaven
Had some delicious Japanese chicken cutlet curry from Hurry Curry of Tokyo!
Plus an Oolong milk tea with boba Smile
I don´t feel, too tasty for me the japanese food, it´s my point of view
It was my sisters sweet sixteen and I stuffed myself with Slushies, hot dogs, and nachos. (Guess whos running an extra mile tommarow Tired)
Yea timmies Bagel BLT with an Ice Cap
i ate the best pancake in the world for breakfest... well it did cost 30$ but its worth it
Darn! That must have been a good pancake!

I had rice, nori and furikake for my rice, grilled salmon from that one I caught, miso soup, natto, and kamaboko for breakfast. I'm so full...
Ate a BK Chicken Sandwhich haven't had one in awhile it was good while it lasted haha