Really good mobile games

hey guys I want to play some really cool mobile games besides Fortnite also it can be any type of game ps one I think is really good is called modern combat 5 it a FPS  shooter  That’s it I hope u all have blademazing day and year 😁
PUBG mobile or the almost same copy of PUBG , freefire battlegrounds
Dragalia Lost

It's from Nintendo and looks pretty good, although I've only seen my friends play it.
Best Open world games ( like GTA series ) : Gangster Vegas , Gangster New Orleans ( both are free )
war robots by pixonic
for ios and android
Btd Battles...looking back to those innocent child like days on my couch raking in hundreds of medallions.
Marvel future fight is an amazing MMORPG

and for further

Install ppsspp emulator app
And download any game in emuparadise .me
And you can play games only available for PSP on mobilr
Yea try BB burst rivals somewhat nice

So true! Must accept

Hey it’s me
Grand Chase is also another that's a lot of fun
Try Big Hunter, it's good fun
Hearthstone. Best Mobile TCG.
Can anyone suggest me a first person shooting game
soul Knight is a fun rouge-like
Okay thanks I will try it out
Look up monster super league. It is really really fun
war games like Rome:Total War

Or the obvious: Beyblade Burst Rivals

(Oct. 27, 2018  4:44 PM)Jman jman Wrote: Hero fighter X is a good app.

i agree. i like the parry system.... my favorite characters are legge,lucas,shawn,drew,eason and yaga
What's good about their perry system? Did they do something unconventional?
(Dec. 13, 2018  1:48 PM)Nightmarefafnir Wrote: Can anyone suggest me a first person shooting game

For mobile- modern combat 5 , nova 3, 
For pc- Cod ,battlefield
Wow you guys are really out of touch i recommend Overwatch or Fortnite.