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Country: India (भारत) Registration Date: Dec. 05, 2017 Birthday: Dec. 04, 2004 (19 years old)

My beyblade story is waaay tooo long. Only highlights- First ever bey- storm pegasus (bought more than 8 years ago... When i was 5. Still have the clear wheel.) First burst beys- w2 and l2(bought both together) Favourite bey with me- l2 Favourite burst bey- not sure... L2 or Sr... V4 is cool i guess, so is rP... Im confused. Favourite metal bey- cosmic pegasus or burn fireblaze or gravity destroyer Favourite plastic- didnt have one... My brother did but he called me bey destroyer, as when i was 3, i used to throw some of his beys and hot wheels down the window (luckily most of the beys were fakes... Only 1 or 2 originals. My bro was only 7 so he couldnt tell the difference.) i guess my nickname suits me... Gravity destroyer bey destroyer. In these 8 years, i have only had one break, which was during shogun steel. I hated it. The beys were still cool i guess. I hope this liking towards beyblade lasts a long time, coz i dont want to let go. Ppl tell me im too old, but i dont care. I hope i get collect more and have some more fun.

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