[Product]  B-185 Booster Vanish Fafnir.Tp.Kc-3

I'm slightly annoyed by the fact that those are holes rather than white marks. It doesn't look as great and they might break easily regardless of rubber composition because of the spots not being filled in.

But hey, at least we'll actually get a new driver this time. I was afraid they'll go the lazy route and use Absorb/Absorb', or hell even Nothing again since this thing is named Vanish. Glad they didn't, so that's great.
I like it's design except the red parts, if those are stickers I will not put 'em on
the colors look pretty ugly but i get the feeling it'll look nice while spinning. It has rubber but they definetely need to set up some sort of counter mode so it can counter left-spins and be better than mirage. I was kinda hoping for absorb' but thats alright. I just hope it can stand up to Cyclone and Belial
ngl, the new fafnir looks kinda ugly, thankfully we are getting a new driver instead of re-using Absorb or Nothing.

Tp? Maybe Tape? Teleport?

Kc? Kick? lol.

and idk about you but i kinda thought they would save 3 for Valkyrie since Valkyrie has 3 swords and Slash had the retsu weight which had 3 points of weight which would be more fitting. i woulda just preferred if they just re-used 6
Having holes in the layer is an awesome and unique idea to increase absorption. Love it.
This is just a guess but I think Tp might stand for teleport
Aw man. i this would be cool. it looks... not great.
This is all I know so far: It will have shock absorption which is pretty cool and it will have a spring-loaded driver which is also awesome and it will come with armor for belail which is awesome and the shock absorption will make spin stealing way cooler and easier (Got all this info from zankye this morning props to him Smile)
Also this green shade is so much better than whatever Proof or 2S was. Really fits Fafnir.
Ngl, my only issue with the color scheme is because of that green on the Core. I'll have to see what the armor looks like on it to fully judge it tho.
The green makes me happy, core looks pretty cool in general

Not to mention hollow bits in the rubber, interested to see how that works
(May. 12, 2021  7:37 PM)spinattacker Wrote: the new fafnir looks ugly as frick

yeah it looks like the crappy fan made beys evolutions from amv thumbnails
Come on guys, Fafnir looks pretty cool.
Im pretty excited for this one, hopefully absorb will work good on it
Since the full combo has been leaked, I think now's a good time to remind people that name speculation for parts goes here: https://worldbeyblade.org/Thread-Burst-W...peculation
This Looks AMAZING (in my opinion). I just hope it doesn't break easily.
Everything else looks cool, except the green part of the Core.
Just don't understand why they put more and more green thing on Fafnir... It really looks weird...
They really want to sell the Free De La Hoya green accents, like his “DLC” green Proof Frame. Looks kinda weird, but gold has already been taken by Belial, red wouldn’t fit and blue would be an overload with all the blue rubber around it.
yoooooo, what. Honestly I don't like anything about this new bey at all. The green is too much. It isn't the subtle green on wizard or the proof frame. But, there is still potential in the other parts that we haven't seen yet. Hopefully TT can pull off a miracle.
You know what? I kinda like it. I usually think the Fafnir beys are early season non-viable layers, but I have hopes for this one. It looks about the same as other fafnirs, but maybe the gimmick will work better this time. I'm not certain if it comes with a Dynamite addition or if that's a later release.
Fafnir's colour choices have always been random and nonsensical. The green is probably a throwback to the Proof frame on Geist.

Overall, I actually really like it? All new parts make me happy and the addition of the holes for shock resistance is taking it to the next level rather than just having MOAR RUBBER. Looks like a chunky boy, too.
All new parts sounds like an absolute win to me, also I don't find the colors that bad.
Honestly my main issue with this is the lack of gold on the blade. Other than that it looks fine to me. And all new parts is great too, no complaints there.