[Product]  B-105 Starter Z Achilles.11.Xt

Found some awesome pics for the Ice Sword Version of Z Achilles 11 Xtend.

Source: https://beyblade.takaratomy.co.jp/garage

Just make sure you have an account on the site so you can see these pics and many more!

[Image: latest?cb=20180329170406]   [Image: latest?cb=20180329170515]   [Image: latest?cb=20180329170548]
(Mar. 21, 2018  1:53 AM)Bersilus Wrote: Because it's a balance type. So having a fusion like tip allows it to do both attack movements and stationary. Depending on how you launch

I know that. what Im referring to is when the base portion of Xt is removed, there is a small tip akin to something like survive, and not something like a somewhat uneven flat, which would be more logical.

Heck, even on some Ul copies there is a slanted flat tip for the pre-mode because of molding errors. a sharp tip is way too coincidental, and there are no screws holding that extension on.

The best analogy is like if ultimate balance mode on diablo nemesis was a coincidence because it only worked with X : D. I cant see how this could be a mere combo of coincidences.
But the case with Xt isn't the same as X Drive. X drive was clearly advertised for it's gimmick so it couldn't be coincidental if the 4D bottom was made that way. I'm not fully against the idea that Xt has the third mode, but we need more evidence to prove that it was done on purpose.

If there is a secret purpose of it, I hope it's tip switching so the height change could be used with other types.
Does every Z Achilles have a loose center???
Is it just me or every z Achilles has three teeth? Isn't it supposed to be a balance type?
(Apr. 20, 2018  4:07 PM)Red aXe Wrote: Is it just me or every z Achilles has three teeth? Isn't it supposed to be a balance type?

The amount of teeth aren't consistent with any types, so this shouldn't really come as that much of a surprise.
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