Plastic and HMS Work list #2

This is a list of all the current articles that need to be done for the wiki for plastic and Heavy Metal System beys. This list will include all the current articles that are under progress and need to created altogether.
Bound Attacker
Bound Defenser
Roller Attacker
Dranzer Auto Change Balancer
Wing Attacker
Wing Defenser
Sparkling Attacker
Knight Dranzer
Metal Draciel
Kid Draciel
Master Dranzer
Master Draciel
Master Driger
Bakuten Henkei Gaia Dragoon
Metal Dranzer
Driger V
Flash Leopard 2
Dranzer V
Cyber Dragoon
Uriel (Wolborg 03)
Crab Diver
Killer Eagle / Rapid Eagle
Death Gargoyle / Dark Gargoyle
Rushing Boar
Galeon 2
Orca Diver
Cyber Dragoon Battle Spec.
Rock Bison
Wolborg 4
Draciel G
Gaia Dragoon G
Flame Pegasus
Desert Sphinxer
Dranzer MF
Aero Knight MS

In Progress
Driger G
Manta Diver
Uriel 2
Blizzard Orthros / Orthrus
Dranzer G
Draciel V
Orca Diver
Dranzer MS
Please only call a draft if you are
1) Not going going to rush it
2) Update it regularly
3) Complete it to a workable standard
I'm pretty sure Dranzer MS doesn't count as work in progress anymore...
Its not in work in progress though lol, I guess i need to add it to the last though again XD.
According to the old list, it was called 'work in progress'. That's why I referred to it as such.
(Nov. 14, 2011  11:43 AM)LeonTempestXIII Wrote: @Posedion: While I normally would not want more than one thread for the same thing, if you are promising that you will allow it to be consantly updated, then I am un-opposed to the idea. Ill support you 110%. If you are going to go through with it, please title it something along the lines of "List of Missing Plastic & HMS Articles (2)" and in the OP, please link to this thread for reference purposes.

These were my conditions, and yet you have not linked to the original thread. Also, didn't you say you would link to drafts currently in progress? If you do not do so then this is merley a duplicate thread. =(
Yeah I will, i did this on ny phone so it was difficpt to do so, itll be done soon though
doing Wing Attacker
Bakushin Oh
Sparkling Attacker

So add in progress
I will be receiving all 3 of the outstanding HMS beys within the next week (Dranzer MF, Aero Knight MS, and Dranzer MS). While new to this generation of beys, I could certainly contribute part weights and photos if that would be helpful. Just let me know.
Dragoon G is not in the beywiki right?if there is,i must have miss looking it...
Should the plastic and HMS sets be put up too since they have been approved for a trial?
i would like the idea for articles for sets too....eventhough its getting should be known..before it got forgotten for real..
As for 21 February 2012..these the plastics drafts that had been posted and need to be approve/finalize/edited...

Seaborg finalize on Feb 6 2012
Dranzer GT finalize on Feb 21 2011
Trygle 2 finalize on Feb 21 2012
Manta Diver last edited on Feb 21 2012 (need more testings and it will be ready to go)
Dragoon V2 Jan 17 2012
Draciel F finalize on Jan 25 2012
Wolborg 2 finalize on 10 Feb 2012
Driger F finalize on 6 Feb 2012
Guardian Driger last edited on Feb 10 2012
Blizzard Orthorus last edited on Dec 25 2011 (need a rewrite and more testings)
Salamalyon last edited on Dec 5 2011 (Need a rewrite and more testings)
Gabriel last edited Oct 22 2011
Dranzer S last edited Feb 6 2012
Dragoon G finalize on Feb 21 2012
Dranzer G last edited on Feb 2012 (need a little edit)
Orca Diver last updated on Oct 22 2012 (need more testings and rewrite)
Draciel V last edited on Oct 10 2011 (need a rewrite)
Bakushin-Oh last edited on Oct 18 2011
Uriel 2 last edited on Oct 21 2012 (need a rewrite)
A lot of those still need work, and you missed Seaborg, which is ready to go and has been for like over a month or something.

Uriel 2 still needs a lot of work, for example. I'm working on it, but I've been very busy.
i will ad it up soon..
so i just labelled unfinished draft as 'last edited' and completed one as 'finallized'
inform me on which still need a lot of work as i just read them briefly just now.. XD
Blizzard Orthrus (needs testing and rewrite)
Manta Diver (still needs a little testing for the included combo)
Salamalyon (needs a lot more testing and a rewrite)
Gabriel (needs a rewrite)
Dranzer G (Still needs a little work)
Manta Diver (Needs a rewrite)
Draciel V (needs a rewrite)
Bakushin-Oh (needs a rewrite)
Uriel 2 (Seriously in need of a rewrite, working on it)
oh yeaaahh~~got it..edited.. can be put on the OP for reference??
EDIT:fixed it..ahaha
@Poseidon/ mods/ guys can add the above worklist in the OP for further reference and easier for Kei to have a look too instead of rumbling through the whole section of the drafts..
Oh, also Orca Diver still needs a little work :3

Wrote manta diver twice by accident, manta diver just needs testing, orca needs a rewrite.
I think a 3rd version of this thread should be made, or atleat, either Poseidon lives up to the promises he made me upon making this thread (which he has not yet), I update the original thread myself (which I dont think I would be commited either, to be honest) or a 3rd person serious about finishing the plastics and HMS articles makes a new thread and constantly updates it, with links to drafts, and constant OP updates.
Honestly, poseidon, if you aren't going to spell the title correctly, I mean, guy, come on.

I'm in a particularly lazy mood atm, having been up far too long, so don't expect me to throw my hat in just yet.
Perhpas when I get back from vacation I will put up a new thread, and I will just update it semi-regularly. With the "1 draft per article" rule in place now, it should be alot easier this time around. Maybe if I am super bored, I will alphabatize the whole thing
Honestly, if we're gonna end up with three lists, the old ones should be deleted once the data is salvaged and someone who CAN commit for an extended period should do it.

Also, if your old one is still open, just use that.
Instead of alphabatizing it which isn't useful I think you should make a seperate bit in the OP to list which ones should have priority due based on their uses and availability.
@th!nk: I will salvage the old one then. If memory serves it was never closed (i will check in a little bit) and 3 threads for the same topic is rather pointless.

Ultra: Priority would be hard to determine. Alot of plastics is still going under testing. Alot of the priority articles (like Jumping Base, Wolborg, etc) have already been done, but probobly need to be redone. Perhaps we should add articles that need to be redone to the list as well?
Can you explain why you think that because I don't that's true in the slightest? Um what testing exactly? Th!nk is like the only person here who really tests plastics.