Dragoon V2 BB Rewrite

I didn't feel like it was given enough justice/mention in Attack customs though it honestly deserves it more so than some of our other Attack BB's mentioned on the Beywiki.
Help out if you find anything out of place!

Quote:== Blade Base (BB): Customize Grip Base==

* '''Weight:''' 7 grams

The BB of [[Dragoon V2]] is called Customize Grip Base for a reason: though initially thought to be useful only for [[Attack]] type combinations, it can also serve as a base for [[Defense]] or [[Endurance]] type combinations with the removal of the tip and use of different SGs. In addition to the numerous amounts of bearing based SGs that can be used with this BB, any other SP can be used as well giving endless combinations with just the BB alone. Because of this, Customize Grip Base helped improved [[Zombie]] type Beyblades, dramatically changing the game by having the option of such support parts along with the choice of a Bearing SG. The prowess of this BB in Attack is not to be put aside though; it has immense speed, being one of the three fastest rubber-tipped Blade Bases of the Plastic Generation.

The tip of this BB, like other Dragoons, is made of rubber. Similar to [[Dragoon V]], there is a small magnet inside of the tip which was meant for a Magnacore based stadium. This tip is very fast and can be used in tandem with HMC and SPs, which is very valuable in an Attack BB and even though it is rather tall, it is still an exceptional choice for any Upper Attack combo. It is far more controllable than [[Uriel 2|SG Grip Change Base]] though it is a tad slower. (Comparable to the difference between [[Dragoon MS|Grip Flat Core]] and [[Dragoon MSUV|Grip Flat Core Ultimate Mode]].) However, SG Grip Change Base and even [[Grip Attacker|Grip Base]] are both expensive and hard to come by, so if you wish to opt for a more financially practical option, Customize Grip Base is most likely the very best choice.

=== Compatible Bearing Casings ===
The following casings are compatible with Customize Grip Base:

* '''[[Dranzer S]]''' (One Bearing)
* '''[[Wolborg]]''' (One Bearing)
* '''[[Wolborg 2]]''' (One Bearing)
* '''[[Burning Kerberous]]''' (Two Bearings)

===Use in [[Upper Attack]] Customization===
It is possible to create a powerful [[Upper Attack]] combination using Customize Grip Base.

* '''AR:''' Upper Claw ([[Driger V2]])
* '''WD:''' [[Heavy Weight Disks | Ten Heavy]]
* '''SG:''' [[Spin Gear#V and V2 Series Spin Gears|Neo Right SG]] Heavy Metal Core ([[Metal Driger]])
* '''SP:''' Upper Attack ([[Driger V2]])
* '''BB:''' [[Customize Grip Base]] ([[Dragoon V2]])
Due to the height of Customize Grip, the Upper Claw AR and Upper Attack SP of [[Driger V2]] can work together to execute [[Upper Attack]] in rapid motion allowing for more ‘full’ hits.

===Use in [[Defense|Defensive]] [[Zombie]] Customization ===
As stated before, it is possible to make a powerful Defense type combination by using Customize Grip. Here is an example of one:

* '''AR:''' War Lion ([[Galeon]])
* '''WD:''' [[Wide Defense]]
* '''SG:''' [[Spin Gear#S to F Series Spin Gears|Left SG]] (Bearing Version 2) ([[Wolborg 2]])
* '''SP:''' Defense Ring ([[Voltaic Ape]])
* '''BB:''' Customize Grip Base ([[Dragoon V2]])

This combination is built to take a numerous amount of hard hits, using the circular shape of the parts and the rubber tip of SG (Bearing Version 2) to exhibit powerful Grip-Based [[Defense]]. Customize Grip Base and Defense Ring give it good protection against [[Upper Attack]], and the bearing support of SG (Bearing Version 2) provides good stamina, and, coupled with a Left SG, the ability to steal spin from Right-Spin opponents, enhanced by the circular shape of the combination as a whole, as a more defensively-focused [[Zombie]].

===Use in [[Zombie]] Customizations ===

[[Zombie]] Beyblades received a weight advantage with the release of [[Dragoon V2]], and when other [[Support Parts]] were released such as Defense Ring ([[Voltic Ape]]) and Cross Survivor ([[Dranzer V2]]), they became Top Tier customizations.<br>

Here is an example of a [[Zombie]]:

* '''AR:''' Tiger Defense ([[Driger S]])
* '''WD:''' [[Wide Survivor]]
* '''SG:''' Left SG (Bearing Version) ([[Wolborg]])
* '''SP:''' Defense Ring ([[Voltaic Ape]])
* '''BB:''' Customize Grip Base ([[Dragoon V2]])

Customize Grip Base’s ability to hold an SP allows for increased life after death and Defense against [[Upper Attack]], greatly boosting the power of [[Zombie]] customizations.

== Overall ==
[[Dragoon V2]] was one of the earlier Beyblades that introduced the players into the highly acclaimed V2 generation, with the use of support parts. Uncustomized, it is just an average blade. The Spike Dragon AR is not particularly useful, but the Blade Base makes this Beyblade worth buying. With the ability to use a wide range of Bearing SGs as well as [[Support Parts]], Customize Grip Base propelled [[Zombie]] beyblades into their position of one of most feared types in the entire Plastic Generation. Furthermore, while often overlooked, Customize Grip Base is the most financially practical of the three fastest rubber-tipped bases in plastics, as well as having the ability to use [[Support Parts]]. Takara’s Dragoon V2 also comes with a [[MG WD]] (also available in [[Voltaic Ape]] and the [[Magnacore Accessory Pack]]) which has several uses. The huge versatility of the blade base alone means that every blader should own multiple copies of this Beyblade.

You'll notice that I took out much of the 'adding a different SG' section except for the actual cases compatible with the BB. Adding a different SG should probably have its own section in the SG article, really.
Quote:Customize Grip helped improved type Beyblades
It should be improve, unless you are using it as an adjective to "type beyblades".

Quote:dramatically changing the game by having the option
After dramatically you need to add a "by". Although the two "by" next to each other doesn't sound too great.


Quote:Uncustomized, it it just an
Double "it".

Quote:and shaft and a SP, Dragoon V2 helped
Probably go for a period after SP.
Considering that this article is already up, and all you did was overhaul the BB section, I would make a safe bet and say that you could post this already. Worst comes to worst, someone either undo's your edit, or edits it slightly. Either way, this is a big improvment and it should be posted in my opinion.
I fixed all the changes you listed, Imperial. Check it over if something was missed.

Leon, I wouldn't feel comfortable with absolutely anyone (including myself) editing the Beywiki without others opinions/consent except for Kei and Kai-V.
You missed the first two I listed, unless I am mistaken.
Yo, I did! Sorry.

Within the context, a comma would make more sense after "improved [[Zombie]] type Beyblades" which I think would fix the two problems you have?

Like this:
"Because of this, Customize Grip helped improved [[Zombie]] type Beyblades, dramatically changing the game by having the option of such support parts along with the choice of a SG with a bearing inside."

Reading it over, it seems a little mucky..
Yes that would work. My only question is "improved zombie type" a term? (I really know nothing about Plastics and HMS.) I assumed you were trying to say "Customize Grip helped improve Zombie type Beyblades."
I think that is what is already written?

Just so you get a feel of the difference:
Equipment (Click to View)
Driger combo:
AR: Tiger Defenser
WD: Magne WD (Forgive me, Th!nk)
SG: Neo Left (HMC)
SP: Survivor Ring (again)
BB: Customize Change Base

Dragoon Combo #1 (referred to as CGB in tests)
AR: Upper Dragoon
WD: 10 Heavy (dwi)
SG: Neo Right (MG)
SP: Reverse Attack (Nothin' better)
BB: Customize Grip Base

Dragoon Combo #2 (referred to as SGB in tests)
AR: Upper Dragoon
WD:10 Heavy
SG: Neo Right (MG)
BB: Storm Grip Base

You'd be surprised how resilient the Driger combo can be.

Driger vs. CGB
CGB win rate: 7/10 (7 KO)
Driger win rate: 3/10 (2 OS, 1 KO)

CGB KO percent: 70%

Driger vs. SGB
SGB win rate: 0/10
Driger win rate: 10/10 (10 OS)

SGB KO percent: 0%Pr
Still don't understand why storm grip is popular. This is great btw, cgb seems rather underrated for attack from what you and others have said, and I will see it for myself when I get my new v2 Smile

And no, I will be berating you for the mg WD thing later.

Glad to see the bit with driger f's shaft gone, idk why it's all over beywiki, the two casings it works with are either hilariously scrapey or awkwardly tall, and customise bearing base does it all better. That the driger F thing was in three under attack and not cgb's own tip is more than a tad disconcerting.

All seems correct to the best of my knowledge and if necessary I can verify it next week, but I trust your judgement very strongly.

It's big enough to need approval from Kei so yeah, wait for him, but this is great Smile

Oh, if anyone doubts the speed, look at the size of the tip contact area and compare to Uriel 2 and grip attacker's tips. Uriel 2 has great rubber, grip base is super light, but yeah.
Oh, you accidentally omitted SG (bearing version) (Wolborg) from the casing list.

That said, once I get the complete compatibility list done, those section will become irrelevant anyway :p
Fixed that! I'm not sure, really. I'd rather use Metal Flat 2 or SG Metal Chance instead.. Equally fast and less awkward.

I won't lie, Storm Grip produces flashy KO's vs. stuff like Bistool (which I initially tested with but both Upper combos got 100%..) but even this combination has Uppered combos over my TA wall(s). Speaking of which, that exact CGB combo propelled my Bistool at a slightly obtuse angle out of the stadium at my head's height while I was cross-legged. I have never seen this in my life. This was also the match one of my walls was literally ripped apart. (I've taped it up and it is still legal for use, don't worry)

Absolutely insane.

Edit: Oh yeah, I still haven't found the missing chunk of my TA. Libruhhh
I assume just because it's basically the shortest BB, and it has a rubber tip, but here's how I imagine an encounter between two attack combos, one with Grip Base and one with Storm Grip, in which the tips of each base have become sentient and capable of (English) communication.

Storm Grip: ""Yeah! You better make way for this at-"
Grip Base: "Pfft! Are you a Storm Grip tip? Seriously?"
Storm Grip: "Well... yeah, I'm part of this at-"
Grip Base: "Look at how small you are!"
Storm Grip: [Moving slowly in the centre of the stadium] *Sniff*

Also, a moderately strong breeze could produce a flashy KO against 10bBistool in a decent stadium. Serious

And yeah, TA's are pretty fragile. I need to get around to taping mine up a little, but I'm lazy and it's not affecting play sooo...

Anyway, good revamp, it's always nice to see someone else working on getting the plastics sections of the wiki up to snuff Tongue_out
I knew eet!
Dragoon V2's BB had to be faster than Storm Grip! Joyful_2
Also hey, it should be noted that Storm Grip wears down too quick. Not really a requirement to mention it, but as you were talking of it, I wished to add this. Tongue_out
(Jan. 18, 2012  4:23 PM)Janstarblast Wrote: I knew eet!
Dragoon V2's BB had to be faster than Storm Grip! Joyful_2
Also hey, it should be noted that Storm Grip wears down too quick. Not really a requirement to mention it, but as you were talking of it, I wished to add this. Tongue_out

Was wondering when you'd see this.

Actually, Dan, you feel like using Dragoon V2 uncustomised, just seeing how it performs? I mean the base is awesome, the AR is decent but recoily, the SP are useable, and the weight disk is okay in both releases, so it should be passable (maybe too recoily) out of the box, no?

Just curious, because if so it might warrant a mention (and it would also make Janstarblast pretty happy).

By the way Jan, I think you and Dan would get along well, he too considers DS underrated, much to my chagrin, alongside pointing out that the base of your favourite plastic is actually good Tongue_out_wink
Yes, it would make me happy, but of course I cannot change the truth for my happiness.... *stares out of the window thoughtfully*....
But yeah, Dragoon V2 looks awesome, no matter how it performs! Tongue_out
Wow, Dan finds DS underrated, good for me!

Also, I'd like to suggest this-
As you (th!nk) know of how I would like to see more info in articles about how a part outclassed/got outclassed, can it be done in plastics? I mean, just how the Lightning MW article is written (apart from mentioning how VariAres outclassed it, Basalt was also mentioned...), can something similar be done here?
Or will it be difficult without the old plastic-loving members?
I don't know much about plastics, so I can not say how it should be like. Confused
But if someone would understand what I mean to say, yeah. Smile
It would be difficult, as we don't know when certain things became popular, to be honest. There are some "x-generation (type)" sections out there that I'd like to see moved into a more coherent history article, but without the input of members who were around at that time, we really don't know what actually happened.
(Jan. 18, 2012  1:31 PM)th!nk Wrote: Storm Grip: ""Yeah! You better make way for this at-"
Grip Base: "Pfft! Are you a Storm Grip tip? Seriously?"
Storm Grip: "Well... yeah, I'm part of this at-"
Grip Base: "Look at how small you are!"
Storm Grip: [Moving slowly in the centre of the stadium] *Sniff*

I'll try Dragoon V2 uncustomized, sure, against what?
Against whatever, some compact or something. I just want a general idea of how it does.
Oh, by the way, just realised the defense and stamina customisations in the original are Defense: dumb because it's using right spin and a shaft setup that scrapes in the base for a defensive zombie and Stamina: unlaunchable because the tip falls out (seriously, everyone go try and make the stamina combination, lol).
You'll also need to reformat these combos because I need to get to bed.

Change them to the following and rewrite appropriately:
* '''AR:''' War Lion ([[Galeon]])
* '''S-AR:''' War Lion (Galeon)
* '''WD:''' [[Wide Defense]]
* '''SG:''' Left SG (Bearing Version 2) ([[Wolborg 2]])
* '''SP:''' Defense Ring ([[Voltaic Ape]])
* '''BB:''' Customize Grip ([[Dragoon V2]])

Here is an example of a [[Spin Stealer]]/[[Zombie]]:

* '''AR:''' Tiger Defense ([[Driger S]])
* '''WD:''' [[Wide Survivor]]
* '''SG:''' Left SG (Bearing Version) ([[Wolborg]])
* '''SG Shaft:''' Bearing Base Shaft ([[Metal Dragoon Bearing Stinger]])
* '''SP:''' Defense Ring ([[Voltaic Ape]])
* '''BB:''' Customize Grip ([[Dragoon V2]])

You could even just use wolborg's shaft, but MDBS's tip is supposed to be slightly better and the mold differences aren't so severe so you don't have to talk about just using a takara shaft or whatever.
So yeah, fix those and change the descriptions appropriately.

Oh, and if anyone advocates bringing back that "how to set up the SG" section: it's full of misleading information, most of those parts don't work together, and this has resulted in a huge number of errors on the wiki. Want a list of what does work together, and how well they work together? It's not 100% Complete (I still need Dragoon V2's Tip and Dragoon V, which I get on monday. That's about it for the stuff that's relevant here), but here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?...jd2THQ4QXc Once it's done I'll post it somewhere else, but yeah, enjoy. Kind of annoying you can't use the sort function as a viewer, but I will work on setting up three different orders tomorrow/sunday. Until then, just download it as an excel file and sort it yourself using that. Tongue_out
Added the combos in.

See if it matches properly, haha.
The Defense one doesn't match. The description explains why the old one 'works' (and it does work, if you like being outspun a lot more often than you should).
I've altered it, take a look and perhaps describe it better for me! (I don't even have Galeon, mannnnn)
Not bad, but I'll rewrite it for you tomorrow or something, right now I'm tired and I find it hard to write whilst listening to recordings of numbers stations. Chocked_2
I'd like some more feedback from others!

With the exception of Th!nk rewriting one combo section, I'd say this is worthy of a review from Kei.
The only thing I question is that the defence combo could also be called a defensive zombie so you could mention that as well. Apart from that it's great. I never knew how fast the tip was since mine was very worn.
Yeah, I'd definitely call it a defensive zombie. I think a lot of us never knew how good the tip was, if you go see the original article, it's just like "yeah the tip is good"... "use in attack: some scrapey self-koing thing not using the tip".
Will get that rewrite done for ye today, Dannyboy.