Dragoon V2 BB Rewrite

Okay, I went a little crazy and tweaked it all over. Just wanted to make it flow slightly better, and the edits that I made were largely just rephrasing things more neatly and clearing up some repetition. Dan's rewrite is absolutely excellent on its own grounds, it was a pleasure to work with, and I hope Dan doesn't mind my tweaks, as he did an absolutely stunning job already, and my changes were very minor, I just couldn't help myself Lips_sealed

Quote:== Blade Base (BB): Customize Grip Base==

* '''Weight:''' 7 grams

The BB of [[Dragoon V2]] is called Customize Grip Base for a reason: though initially thought to be useful only for [[Attack]] type combinations, it can also serve as a base for [[Defense]] or [[Endurance]] type combinations with the removal of the tip and use of different SGs. In addition to the numerous amounts of bearing based SGs that can be used with this BB, any other SP can be used as well giving endless combinations with just the BB alone. Because of this, Customize Grip Base helped improved [[Zombie]] type Beyblades, dramatically changing the game by having the option of such support parts along with the choice of a Bearing SG. The prowess of this BB in Attack is not to be put aside though; it has immense speed, being one of the three fastest rubber-tipped Blade Bases of the Plastic Generation.

The tip of this BB, like other Dragoons, is made of rubber. Similar to [[Dragoon V]], there is a small magnet inside of the tip which was meant for a Magnacore based stadium. This tip is very fast and can be used in tandem with HMC and SPs, which is very valuable in an Attack BB and even though it is rather tall, it is still an exceptional choice for any Upper Attack combo. It is far more controllable than [[Uriel 2|SG Grip Change Base]] though it is a tad slower. (Comparable to the difference between [[Dragoon MS|Grip Flat Core]] and [[Dragoon MSUV|Grip Flat Core Ultimate Mode]].) However, SG Grip Change Base and even [[Grip Attacker|Grip Base]] are both expensive and hard to come by, so if you wish to opt for a more financially practical option, Customize Grip Base is most likely the very best choice.

=== Compatible Bearing Casings ===
The following casings are compatible with Customize Grip Base:

* '''[[Dranzer S]]''' (One Bearing)
* '''[[Wolborg]]''' (One Bearing)
* '''[[Wolborg 2]]''' (One Bearing)
* '''[[Burning Kerberous]]''' (Two Bearings)

===Use in [[Upper Attack]] Customization===
It is possible to create a powerful [[Upper Attack]] combination using Customize Grip Base.

* '''AR:''' Upper Claw ([[Driger V2]])
* '''WD:''' [[Heavy Weight Disks | Ten Heavy]]
* '''SG:''' [[Spin Gear#V and V2 Series Spin Gears|Neo Right SG]] Heavy Metal Core ([[Metal Driger]])
* '''SP:''' Upper Attack ([[Driger V2]])
* '''BB:''' [[Customize Grip Base]] ([[Dragoon V2]])
Due to the height of Customize Grip, the Upper Claw AR and Upper Attack SP of [[Driger V2]] can work together to execute [[Upper Attack]] in rapid motion allowing for more ‘full’ hits.

===Use in [[Defense|Defensive]] [[Zombie]] Customization ===
As stated before, it is possible to make a powerful Defense type combination by using Customize Grip. Here is an example of one:

* '''AR:''' War Lion ([[Galeon]])
* '''WD:''' [[Wide Defense]]
* '''SG:''' [[Spin Gear#S to F Series Spin Gears|Left SG]] (Bearing Version 2) ([[Wolborg 2]])
* '''SP:''' Defense Ring ([[Voltaic Ape]])
* '''BB:''' Customize Grip Base ([[Dragoon V2]])

This combination is built to take a numerous amount of hard hits, using the circular shape of the parts and the rubber tip of SG (Bearing Version 2) to exhibit powerful Grip-Based [[Defense]]. Customize Grip Base and Defense Ring give it good protection against [[Upper Attack]], and the bearing support of SG (Bearing Version 2) provides good stamina, and, coupled with a Left SG, the ability to steal spin from Right-Spin opponents, enhanced by the circular shape of the combination as a whole, as a more defensively-focused [[Zombie]].

===Use in [[Zombie]] Customizations ===

[[Zombie]] Beyblades received a weight advantage with the release of [[Dragoon V2]], and when other [[Support Parts]] were released such as Defense Ring ([[Voltic Ape]]) and Cross Survivor ([[Dranzer V2]]), they became Top Tier customizations.<br>

Here is an example of a [[Zombie]]:

* '''AR:''' Tiger Defense ([[Driger S]])
* '''WD:''' [[Wide Survivor]]
* '''SG:''' Left SG (Bearing Version) ([[Wolborg]])
* '''SP:''' Defense Ring ([[Voltaic Ape]])
* '''BB:''' Customize Grip Base ([[Dragoon V2]])

Customize Grip Base’s ability to hold an SP allows for increased life after death and Defense against [[Upper Attack]], greatly boosting the power of [[Zombie]] customizations.

== Overall ==
[[Dragoon V2]] was one of the earlier Beyblades that introduced the players into the highly acclaimed V2 generation, with the use of support parts. Uncustomized, it is just an average blade. The Spike Dragon AR is not particularly useful, but the Blade Base makes this Beyblade worth buying. With the ability to use a wide range of Bearing SGs as well as [[Support Parts]], Customize Grip Base propelled [[Zombie]] beyblades into their position of one of most feared types in the entire Plastic Generation. Furthermore, while often overlooked, Customize Grip Base is the most financially practical of the three fastest rubber-tipped bases in plastics, as well as having the ability to use [[Support Parts]]. Takara’s Dragoon V2 also comes with a [[MG WD]] (also available in [[Voltaic Ape]] and the [[Magnacore Accessory Pack]]) which has several uses. The huge versatility of the blade base alone means that every blader should own multiple copies of this Beyblade.
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If you need more proof that the BB with rubber works as well as we say, ask Deikailo, or look at the combo she used to WIN on on plastics remembrance day. Or just look at the size of the tip.
The only reason it gets no love is because of the deeply flawed section currently on the wiki.

As for the compatibility, try the combinations in the article, laugh as the attack one self KO's instantly (or, if you use wolborg 2 casings, is stupidly tall), the Defense one's shaft touches the casings and is easily outspun by right spin SG Metal Flat 2 attackers, and lastly, the tip falls out of the stamina one. It is quite amusing and possibly hard to believe that all three combinations are so hilariously and obviously flawed, but they are.
I definitely know there is a blue version from somewhere. Can anyone find any info on it?
Um what was that page supposed to tell me? I've only ever seen it once by an Italian member called Alcross but the image which showed it is no longer there. I'll PM him to get more info.
JR_Tiger, a huge collector, has never seen it ?
Unbelievably he hasn't. I've PMed alcross but it may be a while before he replies since he's not a frequent member anymore.

There's the post it's in. It doesn't look painted, but the image isn't very large.

Made a couple of minor code/formatting/wording tweaks to my cleaned up version a couple of posts back, not really noticeable.
in my observation..it looks to be one of the Hasbro recolors...i remembered looking at the same post long time ago but no where to find it again...haha
It's too rare for that, honestly, though it was the first thing I guessed, as they often make blue dragoons.
EDIT September 25, 2012: Well based on that blue driger s, the rarity statement here is incorrect.

Honestly, from the rarity and that one not having an MG WD, I'd guess it was something like the Ito Yokado Wolborg 2 or a tournament ground recolour or something, but considering Kai-V didn't find anything, I really don't know if we have any real hope other than the chance Alcross knows and replies.
yeah...perhaps..but the wording on the bit chip have no japanese..i'm quite sure if it is real,hasbro released it..
even hasbro white dragoon v2 is hard to find..
but i think it is not a repaint since repaint would be lot shinier...
Uh he showed me a close up pic and it does have Japanese writing on the bit chip. Also i'm very knowledgable about what was released and to my knowledge they never released any special recolours(meaning limited release).
alcross told me that it was written that it was made in Korea or something.
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