[Philadelphia, PA] Holiday Tournament Discussion

As more people commit, I will update this as directed by Flame Aries. I will not attend, however, as the thread creator, I am responsible for updating. Please contact Flame Aries for more details.

Date:Most likely on thanksgiving holiday or Dec. 4
Location:Kerrfield, Alternate Universes, or Kingsessing
Time: 12:00
Format: Full or Block Round Robin
Prizes: yeah about this, I don't think I can supply prizes and I don't think people will come if I don't...so~ what do you suggest?

The Problem
Flame Aries
What day Serious I may go depending what day
Alfred wanted next weekend. I was thinking maybe the weekend after if he's cool with it...
I don't think I can sorry
Where exactly will this be at in philly?
Somewhere. It depends.
(Jul. 30, 2011  12:03 AM)Deikailo Wrote: Somewhere. It depends.
well its a possible for me but just gotta know when and where
Philly is a 10 min. walk for me
me and my crew will be there. add kerion, and King of Blades to the list we can catch a bus over o my grand father will give us an ride
I'm Planning on Visiting my mentor soon what beter timing however additional info blah blah blah for my mom so i'm a maybe till I get more info
Hmm the week after put me as maybe but it 50/50 chance cause my dad cant take me and my mom is waiting on someone in labor
Updated the OP. We want to shoot for the 13th.
the 13th will be great, me and my crew can make that
Well great! Once Flame Aries sees this, I'm sure we'll be able to make the minimum.
You can try Franklin Mills mall for a location; it's the only place I can think of right now.
The Problem and I were thinking of doing it at Alternate Universe. Do you want to go for that?

EDIT: Scratch that. I called. Apparently, there are some larger Yu-gi-oh and MtG events going on in that month that take up all the space. I think it would just be appropriate to do it at Kingsessing Playground since The Problem and Flame Aries live down the block from it.
we can make that
Awesome! I'll try to get this off the ground now. Smile

Also, would anyone be interested in attending the Maryland tournament the following day? If you chip in for gas, I will drive us all there.
my grandfather might let me go if we go there and back that day
That's the plan! Would your crew want to come? I have 3 spots in the car total (The Problem and I ride together Libruhhh )
people we do need to have a tournament in philly
(Aug. 03, 2011  12:53 AM)4fred12345 Wrote: people we do need to have a tournament in philly
That's the idea of this thread, buddy.
Sorry I'm going to the MD Event so I can't go to this one
You can't do back-to-back events? It's going to be on a different day.